Where’s Abdi?

* Jo Scott, of Pro life Colorado, fills in for Bob who is in Colorado Spring for yet another pre-trial hearing with Focus on the Family. Today Jo and other sidewalk counselors were able to talk a seventeen year old girl into keeping her child. The toughest loudest and most vulgar young girls are the girls you least expect to change their minds. This story proves that all you have to do is show up and Jesus can love them through you.

* Jo tells Abdi’s story. Abdi is an abused Ethiopian women that was forced to abort her twins on October 31, 2008 at Planned Parenthood. Abdi asked for help and was desperate to see justice for her children. Jo has not been able to contact her since Saturday. UPDATE… Since today’s program Jo contacted the police and they are going to do a “welfare check” which means that they will try to contact Abdi and make sure that she is safe.

* Will joined Jo in studio to discuss a blog titled “Enough with the and then you can kill the baby” written by another pro-lifer who believes in regulating child killing. See though, AmericanRTL.org/abortion-regulations.

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