Personhood: A Dividing Line

 * Rosie O’Donnell, Mary Cheney, Sarah Palin!? Which one of these, Rosie, Cheney, and Palin, is not like the others? Many conservative leaders and talk hosts would allow Sarah to stray from the truth just a bit to help her popularity. However, the Body of Christ should love her enough to admonish her for doing wrong. For more see below, for what happened just today when Bob Enyart and a few dozen of our BEL friends met Sarah in Indiana.

* & Personhood Producing REAL Returns! Guest host Doug McBurney reports that in helping Christians better understand the true meaning of love and what it means to be pro-life these two powerful messages are producing fruit, (even though right now a good bit of it is being hurled at us). But when fellow believers lose their way, it is the spirit of God embodied in His Church that must warn them of errors that lead to destruction, that they might be saved, even as if through fire.

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Palin’s Cold Indiana Reception
November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin was welcomed to Noblesville, Indiana by a few thousand people as she began the promotion of her new book, Going Rogue.  It wasn’t the blistery cold weather or the large crowd that caused a stir at the Barnes & Noble hosted event, but a small group of about 40 protestors with a single, focused message:

An Important Message

Palin has garnered the support of nearly the entire conservative, evangelical movement over the last few years.

As Palin is launching her political efforts with her new book, American Right to Life (ARTL) is coordinating its launch of  As the Personhood movement has grown from Colorado’s historic 2008 Personhood Amendment effort to dozens of states encouraging this uncompromised approach to ending abortion, has become the definitive source for evaluating the true record of “prolife” Leaders in the US. 

National Interest

Denver-based American Right to Life spokesman and protest veteran, Bob Enyart, traveled to Indiana expressly for the event, to provide leadership and encouragement for this growing effort in Indiana.

And during the course of the event, the group of protesters attracted national media with an interview by CNN. 

Local Impact

Protesting provides a great opportunity to express a broad message to a large audience, but also offered opportunities to witness very personally to a few individuals.  The Personhood movement has recognized that the right-to-life is God-given and that the laws of science never address right or wrong.  From this position of strength, the Personhood position was introduced to a young woman canvassing for a local Republican “pro-lifer”.  She took notice when she heard that Personhood will be the end of abortion in the US, and wanted to learn more.  Another protestor was able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a young homosexual man. 

When Palin met Romney

Undoubtedly, this cold evening of November 19, 2009, will be a date to remember for the Palin camp.  American Right to Life derailed Mitt Romney’s presidential aspirations in 2007 by sharing his true record and could do the same to Sarah.  The message and call to Sarah is the same:  our hope is to welcome you as a leader of the Personhood movement.

Most Palin supporters who responded to the protest signs and message gave a positive honk or wave, noticing the words Palin and Pro-Life in the same context…but where does she really stand on the issue?  If you think you know Sarah Palin’s official pro-life record, you might be surprised.  Palin’s entourage apparently does as they sought to move the group of protestors as far from the event as possible.  But the message is too important to hide, and all people entering and leaving the event saw the same message on a 17 foot banner, many large signs, t-shirts, printouts, and handout cards.

ARTL, including this small growing group in Indiana, hopes to inspire Sarah to become a hero to the Million-plus babies who die every year as the Abortion Holocaust continues.  You owe it to yourself to see what many in the Indianapolis area learned this cold evening, to see what Sarah means when she says she is “personally” pro-life:  

-American Right to Life

Interview and video from the event: