God: Don't be partial to the poor

* Obama Spending Trillions, Calls for Deep Cuts : First, he spends almost a trillion dollars on a pork-stimulus package. Then he talks about cutting the deficit by 2013 (conveniently, after he's left office) in half, and that just a few days before he introduces a mammoth $3.6 trillion dollar budget. Is he crazy, or is he just a lunatic? The next thing we'll find out, is that Obama exercises daily AND smokes, inhaling and working out.

* A Chicken in Every Pot; A Home on Every Lot: whether you can afford it or not! That's where the Republican Bush administration upped the Democrats' New Deal! Ninja loans: no income, no job, no assets, no credit, no documentation. Just a mortgage! Yes, the Democrats pushed this, but as a liberal George W. Bush was unqualified to resist and instead, he was an accomplice. And this redistribution-of-land socialist program happened during a Republican administration with a Republican Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan serving Reagan, Bush, and W. And our bank nationalization (gee, I feel dirty for using the English language for that phrase; it should be in some other tongue, perhaps German, Russian, French, Chinese, or perhaps Icelandic I think) was pioneered by George W. Bush and his Republican Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Meanwhile, remember that Bob aired the audio of George W. admitting on CNN: "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system." Sounds like a new age psychobabbler telling Bill Clinton to abandon the principles of marriage to save his marriage. But Hannity fans don't fret! With a Democrat in the White House, Republicans can pretend to be conservatives and a good time will be had by all.

* Leviticus 19:15: The collapse of the subprime mortgage scam factors significantly in the economic suffering of so many today and we all bear the cost to the economy of hundreds of billions of dollars of scam real estate transactions because George W. doesn't inform himself from God's Word. If he had, he would have known it is wrong for the government to "be partial to the poor." As God said, "You shall not be partial to the poor... In righteousness you shall judge your neighbor" (Lev 19:15).

* Bill Maher's Religulous: BEL general manager Will watched Maher's filthy movie by way of the ClearPlay DVD player which enables BEL staffers (and others) to view popular DVDs and movies while censoring out vulgarity and many types of immorality. (Note to Flip Benham: Did you know that Maher's movie shows Operation Save America's famous Jesus is the Standard t-shirt?) Will contrasts Maher's flick against Christianity with Ben Stein's documentary against evolution. Will points out that while Maher interviews almost all unknown personalities, Stein interviews all the most famous evolutionists. (The only big name that Maher interviewed that Will recognized was Ken Ham, and Will pointed out that unlike Stein's big-name interviews, Maher's talk with Ham was very short, and also Bill Maher was the least successful attacking Ham as compared to all his other interviews.) Also, while Maher's interviews are filled with edit cuts, Ben Stein's interviews in Expelled contain almost no edits. Bill Maher targeted Christianity primarily and he gave lip service to criticizing other religions, but seemed obsessed with Jesus Christ. Finally, Maher easily made fun of unprepared Christians by asking them: "Are you judging that person?" and they could not answer, but of course, they could if only they had read Bob Enyart's Judge Rightly Is Not Some Guy's Name.

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