WKS Qs 19-28 & Michael Jackson Dies

* Post-show UPDATE: Entertainment site TMZ.com broke the news that homosexual child molester Michael Jackson died today at his leased Los Angeles home. Thirty minutes before BEL went live on air TMZ stated that Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital for cardiac arrest, and soon the LA Times reported him in a coma, but a minute after BEL went off air, TMZ updated their headline as: Michael Jackson Dies.

Bob called Jackson's lawyer's office the day that Mark Geragos said that he would sue anyone who "besmirched Michael Jackson's reputation." So Bob called and talked to Geragos' secretary:

Secretary: This is Joselyn.

Bob: Hi Joselyn, this is Bob Enyart Live in Denver. We're on the radio right now – AM 670 KLTT. And we're responding to Mark Geragos. He said today that if anyone does anything to besmirch Michael Jackson's reputation, that he'd be on them like a ton of bricks. And we wanted to know if Mark has any guidelines, if we could figure out what we can do to qualify to be a 'besmircher?'

Joselyn: You know, I really don't know and Mark's not in right now. I can get a message over to him if you want.

Bob: Alright, if you could just let him know that at Bob Enyart Live in Denver that we were broadcasting that Michael Jackson is a homosexual child molester and if that qualifies that it would be great for him to get in touch with us.

Joselyn: I'll let him know.

Bob: Alright, thank you.

* ARTL Worksheet Questions 19-28Bob Enyart discussed ten questions from American Right To Life's Vigilante Worksheet regarding the trade-off and what would have happened if God had actually given ultimate governmental authority to each private citizen, turning billions of individuals each into a supreme judge and the highest governmental human authority on Earth with the authority to decide who to kill? Exodus 22:2-3 presents the escalation of force principle showing that justifiable use of lethal force depends upon the nature of the threat. Then, do civilians have the authority, against their government's instruction, to go to a foreign country and hunt down and kill supporters of a terrorist organization? ARTL explains why the answer is: No! The program also considered the principles in the Bible's story at Samuel 24:10 with David standing over the sleeping murderer, King Saul, sword in hand… 

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