Liberals to stop using toilet paper

* And Bob Says He's Not a Prophet: Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney laugh about the predicted development among dirt-worshipping liberals: they don't want to use toilet paper. Years ago Bob suggested spreading the word that liberals don't use toilet paper in order to save the planet. This would produce two desired effects: others would not want to be around them; and others would not want to be them.

* Dr. James Dobson Resigns as Chairman: a couple years after stepping down as president of Focus on the Family, Dr. Dobson has now resigned as chairman of the board. However he will remain actively involved including hosting the daily Focus radio show and writing his monthly newsletter. A board member there suggested little change would result. American RTL hopes, however, that Focus on the Family will change in some ways, including by breaking their silence and at the least give some encouragement to the heroic pro-life congressmen and activists in eight states currently pursuing the protection of personhood for unborn children.

Post-show Note: Iowa talk radio powerhouse Steve Deace interviewed Ann Coulter and asked her the forbidden questions about Romney! Listen to his interview and see (Feb. 24 & 26) that he also links to Bob Enyart's interview of Ann Coulter!

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