RSR and Jurassic Park Paleontologist Jack Horner

Image of the dino-chicken that evolutionist Jack Horner has been trying to create. Really...Dr. Jack Horner declines sizable financial donation
to Carbon-14 date dinosaur bone.

* RSR & Paleontologist Jack Horner: Listen in as RSR hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams air Bob's recorded conversation with paleontologist Jack Horner, curator at Montana State University's Museum of the Rockies, who excavated that soft-tissue T-Rex! Bob offered Jack Horner a $23,000 grant (see grant letter below).

* Life Imitating Art: Jack Horner's role in the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue is one of the greatest examples of life imitating art. Novelist Michael Crichton has explained that his Alan Grant character is a composite patterned after various paleontologists including Horner and Steven Spielberg hired Jack as the on-set adviser for all five films. Meanwhile, as of March 2019, twenty-six science journals cataloged at have published original dinosaur biomaterial papers. The dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures that have yielded their biological material include hadrosaur, titanosaur, Archaeopteryx, mosasaur, triceratops, and T. rex.

* Motors in 'Simple' Cells Synchronized! The guys also enjoy reporting on the Summer 2009 Creation magazine. According to PNAS, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, not only do 'simple' cells have outboard motor-like flagella but it turns out, they are coordinated so that they can pull in one direction, switch into reverse, and then pull forward again! God is amazing!

* Hear Bob Enyart & Jack Horner: (2011 Update! The peer-reviewed journal PLoS One reported that the carbon in an allegedly 80-million year old mosasaur is five percent carbon-14!) Taking Fred's suggestion the co-hosts aired Bob's fascinating phone conversation with Jack Horner who is the real-life person whom the Jurassic Park scientist John Hammond is modeled after. And sure enough, Jack is the scientist who excavated the soft-tissue T-Rex! (He's also the evolutionist who's trying to coax chickens to grow dinosaur tails.) Bob offered Jack Horner first $10,000, and finally $23,000, to Carbon 14 date the specimen (see the grant offer below). Jack said that he would speak to Mary Schweitzer, but he ultimately turned down the offer :( .

Scan of grant letter sent to Jack Horner from Bob Enyart Live / Real Science Radio* On Jack Horner's dino-chicken experiment:


Little Jack Horner,
Trapped in a corner,
Breaking an egg as he sings;
He put in a tail,
But the 'xperiment failed,
For ya get bad legs before ya get wings.

Actually, the famed Montana State University paleontologist Jack Horner still seems to be under the sway of fraud-perpetrating ethical atheist Ernst Haeckel. So he's trying to assist a developing chick to grow a dinosaur-like tail. Pending: Jack's opinion upon whether a creature (say a dinosaur, insect, or bat) evolving flight would end up with very bad legs long before it had good wings?

* Horner Fired for Sexual Impropriety: [Krauss not far behind. Update August 2018: Krauss officially off ASU's Origins Project.] RSR had long been concerned about Jack Horner's behavior with female students. So we were not surprised when MSU students told us that Horner had been fired and then later when the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported, Famed paleontologist Horner says he was pushed out of museum after he married a 19-year-old student as an end-run around museum ethics concerns. Accusations against Horner predated those against another atheist whom RSR has sparred with, physicist Lawrence Krauss. BuzzFeed has reported that Krauss is no longer permitted on the Case Western Reserve University nor on another in Ontario, and the Arizona Republic reported in March 2018 that Krauss has also been "prohibited from being on campus" of his current employer, Arizona State University, during their investigation.

* You'd Get Bad Legs Before You Got Good Wings: Creationists like Walt Brown rightly ask: Won't a species struggle with bad legs long before they evolve into good wings? Evolutionists at try to distract from that powerful argument by insisting that theory suggests that wings evolved from ARMS, and not legs. Yes, it's true that current evolution theory includes the untenable concept that birds evolved wings from arms. However, current theory also suggests that in pterosaurs, insects, and bats wings evolved from legs. So I provide these links in hopes of getting those guys to stop obfuscating and deal with the actual argument:

Supposed Evolution of Wings "from Legs:"

Pterosaur allegedly evolved good wings from increasingly bad legs.
Good wings from bad legs?

Pterosaur: Evolutionary speculation suggests that the pterosaur may have evolved flight from the four-legged, ground-running Scleromochlus.

Insects: And regarding the phantasmal evolution of wings, states, "the hypothesis that insect wings evolved from leg branches rather than as de novo outgrowths of the body wall [was] (argued for by Kukalová-Peck 1978 with molecular developmental data contributed by Averof and Cohen 1997)." And "In insects, Kukalova-Peck thinks--and recent genetic comparisons of crustaceans and insects have pretty much cinched the case--the flattened branches on the first segment of one pair of legs evolved into wings."

Bats: "what probably prompted the appearance of bats from mouse-like rodents" and rodents don't have arms, but only legs. And a 2004 NewScientist article argues that bats evolved from mice, while admitting, "Bats have been an evolutionary enigma. That's because the oldest fossil bats look remarkably like modern ones, each having wings formed from membranes stretched between long fingers, and ear structures designed for echolocation. No fossils of an animal intermediate between bats and their non-flying mammal ancestors have been found. ... The lack of transitional forms has also led to speculation about the origin of bats, with some believing that primates are their closest relatives. Genetic studies now show they are closest to ferungulates, which include horses and pigs, or to the shrews and moles."

* Atheist and Fraud Perpetrator Ernst Haeckel: created the scam drawings of a fetus to look like a fish and a reptile to support his utterly discredited "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" and according to the New York Times, March 9, 1907, he was later honored as the founder of the "Association for the Propagation of Ethical Atheism." Ha! Even Richard Dawkins admits in this video that Haeckel's drawings were faked and that today's textbooks should not be propagating his error.

* NY Times Ernst Haeckel Transcript: "KAISER HONORS HAECKEL. Bestows the Title of Excellency on the Famous Atheist. BERLIN, March 8.—Emperor William to-day bestowed on Prof. Ernst Haeckel, the celebrated Darwinian and founder of the Association for the Propagation of Ethical Atheism, the title of Excellency, in honor of his golden jubilee as a doctor."

* Post-show Notes:

- Check Out the Latest Carbon Dating Studies: See the latest at

* PZ Myers Criticizes Real Science Radio & Carbon Dating Dinosaurs: In the saga as reported at, evolutionist and atheist PZ Myers wrote about our grant offer to date the original biological material found in dinosaurs:

The age of the specimen is not in question, and even if it were, carbon dating is so absurdly inappropriate and useless that only an ignorant clown would ask to do it: it doesn't matter what number would come out of the measurement, it would be spurious, irrelevant, and uninterpretable…except that, because C14 does have an upper bound of 50,000 years [now, even older now PZ, as technicians are virtually counting individual carbon atoms], whatever number reported would be less than that [actually, the results should indicate infinity, or at the resolution of the technology: carbon-14 dead], which is exactly what the creationists are trusting would happen. [Yes.]

* Today Bob Enyart Appeared on the Fox 31 Good Day Colorado TV Program: Bob was asked to talk about news topics with comedian Sheryl Underwood and local media personalities. Here is the segment transcript from Ross Mountain Public Relations.


Good Day Colorado with Shaul Turner: Friday, August 14, 2009.

Guests: Bob Enyart, KBPI's Uncle Nasty, Comedian Sheryl Underwood


Shaul Turner: Welcome back to Good Day Colorado!  I'm Shaul Turner. Everyone has a strong opinion about something. Each week we invite interesting people to come on the show and lay it on the line, about how they really feel about the stories making news. We call it the Fox Box, so welcome, our regular, Uncle Nasty from 106.7 FM KBPI "Rocking the Rockies" week days 3 to 8. Actress and comedian Sheryl Underwood, on stage at the Improv this weekend, welcome back Sheryl and welcome, Bob Enyart, Conservative Activist featured on Fox news channel and many other venues also, host of Bob Enyart Live on KGOV radio.


Lets kick it off on topic one. Everybody is talking about Michael Vick this morning. Michael Vick gets a new deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, $6.8  million over 2 years after getting out of prison, in there for running a brutal dog fighting ring. Does he deserve another chance to make millions as a football celebrity?


Bob Enyart: Of course he deserves it, I mean dogs, I love animals Shaul you know that, they're delicious. Animals don't have rights other than the right to be hunted, killed and cooked and eaten. Those are the rights animals have. It's wrong to be cruel to an animal, but these were dogs and of course his life should go on.


Shaul: Ok PETA, send your emails to Bob!


Uncle Nasty: You know I think he paid his dues. He served his time. He deserves a second chance. You know that there are a lot of elements in peoples' lives that make them do things and sometimes they do things they know are wrong and I believe he knows what he did was wrong and I think he is doing the right steps, the right things to correct that and I wish him all the luck.


Shaul: Okay, but Sheryl, you're sitting here with this look on your face like...


Sheryl Underwood: Did he [Bob] just say a dog was delicious?


Bob: I love animals, they are delicious.


Sheryl: Oh, okay, oh I'm sorry.


Bob: What he did was wrong. But it's not like he killed an unborn child, he was cruel to dogs, so his life should go on.



Nasty: There are people in the NFL that have killed human beings that still get to play.


Bob: That's a great point [that is, reminding liberals that dogs are less valuable than people].


Nasty: Stallworth [of the Cleveland Browns who killed a pedestrian while driving drunk] is being suspended for a year and he gets to come back next year.


Bob: And O. J. Simpson is still in the NFL Hall of Fame [which he should not be; they should remove him].


Sheryl: See ya got to bring up O. J.  Here they go!  Here they go!  Here they go America!  They have got to bring up O. J.


Bob: Well, he's a murderer.


Shaul: Okay, keeping on Michael Vick. What do you think, looking ahead at this, is it okay if he's in with the Eagles?


Sheryl: Here is my question. How does that affect their current quarterback Donovan McNabb?


Nasty: He's gonna play better, that's for sure.


Shaul: Well, Donovan McNabb, he's already bringing up this point: that if they go to the super bowl or even win a few games, nobody is going to remember anything about hanging dogs, shooting them with handguns, electrocuting them, drowning them. Do you think that is going to happen should they win the super bowl?


Bob: Well, it shouldn't happen, because animals don't have rights, but we have an obligation to be kind to them and not to mistreat them. So that shouldn't happen, Shaul.


Shaul: Alright. Another thing that is really heated this week, the health care debate. It rages on with a town hall meeting in Fort Collins, like those across the nation. Outrageous crowds battle it out over whether the government should overhaul health care with a plan that would help everyone get the care they need. But these rumors are out that Sarah Palin's enforcing on her Facebook page that there would be death panels deciding who lives or dies. All of these wild stories, they're not true. [BE: of course this is true; and now the Democrats say they have removed the 'death panels' section of their House Bill.] What do you think Sheryl? How should we  reform health care?


Sheryl: Well, the first thing, it's a good start to even have a discussion. But I think the two white people on the show [Bob Enyart and KBPI's Uncle Nasty], you all don't need to talk to white people because you all are embarrassing other white people acting crazy.


Bob: What?


[Bob Enyart post-show note: reading this transcript in black and white, pun intended, makes Sheryl's comments seem strongly racist. In reality, she was just joking with her Showtime comedy routine material designed to get a reaction from people. While Bob does not believe that Sheryl is racist, her promotion of sexually immorality and support for the killing of innocent unborn children is enough to destroy ten thousand lives by her influence alone.]


Sheryl: In this discussion, you all are asking crazy questions. See black people ask good questions. White people ask crazy questions. Like, I'm out in nature with a bear, having sex with a bear, but then the bear doesn't want to have sex with me, is the bear covered [by Obama's health care plan]? Black people ask good questions in the health care debate. We ask good questions. Like, if I think I got glaucoma, is my weed [marijuana] covered?


Nasty: We have got to let her get in the pot joke. You know, there should be a [health care] tax credit. [BE: Nasty is a libertarian, which is an immoral conservative.] I think that is where we should go. I think that from co-pays to premiums, you should be able to write that off, there should be an $8,000 to $10,000 tax credit allowed for every American and that would encourage people to purchase health insurance.


Bob: The problem with government health care is that it allows you to steal from your neighbor. And the more the government takes care of us, the less that parents take care of their own kids; parents leave; families fall apart.


Nasty: That is not what I am saying. [And of course he was right; he had talked about tax credits. Bob was getting back to Obama's health care plan.]


Bob: But that is what happens.


Nasty: That is not what I'm saying. You should be able to write off your insurance premiums and your co-pays.

Bob: So, not a government health care program?


Nasty: No!


Bob: Very good, Uncle Nasty.


Sheryl: You already got a government health care program and you already got a situation where you pay for other people.


Bob: Let's get rid of it.


Sheryl: So, to me the fact that they are trying to do something and the fact that this man is trying to do something and now he is being criticized?


Bob: Obama is messed up isn't' he?


Sheryl: No he's not.


Shaul:  Alright, well I tell you what, because of time, we were talking earlier this week about this woman, pregnant with her seventh child [whose husband has left her]. Now, she probably didn't have adequate health care because she needs some money. She is pregnant with her seventh child, but she said you can go on eBay, and get the naming rights for the baby and pay her, the bidding went up into the thousands. So that was her health care plan.


Bob: Well of course her husband left her, because husbands are not needed any longer. The government will pay the rent pay, for food stamps, pay for health care. So of course he left. But she is auctioning off the baby's name. But at least she isn't auctioning off the baby's abortion. Highest bidder gets to decide if the baby lives or dies. That would be legal in Obama's health care plan.


Nasty: You had to shove that in there, didn't you Pastor Bob. [BE: Of course.]


Sheryl: That is nowhere in the health care plan!


Nasty: That you could auction off the right to abort a baby?  What we need to do...


Bob: Like Michael Vick. You would go to jail for what he did to a dog. [The point being, Planned Parenthood and Boulder Colorado's late-term abortionist Warren Hern hack children to death. If you did that to an unborn puppy, or if you destroyed an eagle egg, you'd go to jail.]


Nasty: Tax breaks to people who don't have kids. That is where the tax breaks need to start. [BE: No wonder they call him Uncle Nasty. That's downright hostile toward children.]


Sheryl: I have never been on a show where the black person is the only sane person on the show.


Shaul: Alright, but we are talking a lot about kids. We have to move to the next story. A Spanish company just put a new doll on the market. It's the breast feeding baby doll; comes with this vest that a little girl under ten can put on with two sensors in front where the baby "feeds," and then cries if he hasn't had enough. Then you can burp it. Is this an inappropriate deal, do you want to see a little girl like this at a playground or a mall Sheryl?


Sheryl: Let me go first. First of all it is inappropriate because it is a baby. Now if it was a grown man that looked like George Clooney?  I'll buy that.


Shaul: The FCC is calling. [Federal Communication Commission censorship joke.]


Bob: Sheryl, you know the African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child?"  That's from Obama's home town. That is where it comes from. And liberals, they talk about being concerned about kids, but they don't. They sexualize children.


Sheryl: How does this fit in with a Spanish company making a baby doll that breast feeds?


Bob: I'm talking about liberals. They say they care about kids, but they will sexualize children.


Shaul: Okay, well let's talk about this. Nasty has got the last word.


Nasty:  All I know is that it hurt when I tried it.


Shaul: Alright, that is going to wrap it up for the Fox Box this Friday, Sheryl Underwear. Underwood, not Underwear, at the Improv this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Uncle Nasty from KBPI and Pastor Bob Enyart from KGOV.


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