Suspend Obama With Pay

The Biggest Non-Story Story: Until the matter of Barack Obama's eligibility is resolved, can't they just suspend Obama? With pay? Without pay? Either way. Suspend him with pay, we don't care, until this is all figured out! No? Today Bob Enyart interviews Robert Unruh, a veteran reporter for the Associated Press who is now a journalist for some time with WorldNetDaily. And Unruh is an expert on the biggest non-story story in the country: whether or not Barack Obama is a natural born citizen. Now, WND published a "Certified Copy of Registration of Birth" from Kenya for Barack Hussein Obama II which has the appearance and sufficient contemporaneous and new information to suggest that it may be authentic. [Also, KGOV has it on good authority that the certificate did not come from Dan Rather, an initial indication that it may in fact be legitimate.]

WND's Joseph Farah - on BEL tomorrow: "Why I doubt Kenyan birth document"

Update: WND reports that the Kenyan birth document is a fraud.

Fox News - Obama's 'Certificate' Problems: "The certificate put on the Internet by Obama and held up by the media was created in 2007.  In the lower left corner of the form there is reference to a Hawaiian statute that was revised in November of 2001, and if you look closely at the front you can see bleeding through from the back the date stamp from 2007 when the document was created," wrote Tommy De Seno,

Folks Who Don't Want to See Birth Certificate: Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, John McCain. (At one point, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly said that he had seen Obama's birth certificate, and the matter is a non-story; but perhaps O'Reilly simply forgot to mention that it said Kenya on the certificate!)

Major Birthers: Go birthers! Alan Keyes, Joseph Farah, Lou Dobbs, Chuck Norris, Andrew Sullivan. Also, Fox News reporter Tommy De Seno and attorneys Orly Taitz and Philip Berg.

WND Published their First Story: On Obama's eligibility, almost 14 months ago, June 10, 2008, "Election 2008: Is Obama's Candidacy Constitutional? Bloggers are raising questions?"

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