Avi Lipkin on BEL about Islam

* Aka Victor Mordecai: Avi Lipkin talks to Bob Enyart about fanatical Islam, the justified war against Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq, about the threat of the Shiite Muslims against Saudi Arabia, against Jews and Christians, and against themselves and the world for that matter. In response to Bob's report that the U.S. media occasionally presents Islam as a tolerant religion, Avi estimated the number of synagogues in Mecca at zero, and the number of churches in the entire country of Saudi Arabia at zero.

* Who is Dennis Avi Lipkin? Alias Victor Mordecai, Avi worked as senior editor in the News Department of the Government Press Office as part of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s office. Avi served with the Israeli Defense Forces in artillery reserves and as an officer in the IDF Spokesman’s office. He edited and translated the Likud election campaign plank in Hebrew, English and Spanish and helped Likud to electoral victories. Avi lectures widely in Christian churches and synagogues in America and Europe and has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows. He majored at New York University in Sovietology and at Hebrew University in Spanish/Latin American studies. Avi has written four booksIsrael’s Bible BlocChristian Revival for Israel’s SurvivalIslamic Threat Updates Almanac #1 and Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat? For security reasons Avi wrote the first three under the pen name of Victor Mordecai but the fourth book appears under his own name Dennis Avi Lipkin because he now campaigns for the Israeli Knesset as the head of the Judeo-Christian Bible Bloc party called Gush Hatanakhi. Avi is married to Rachel, an Egyptian born Jewess who immigrated to Israel in 1969, a year after Avi did, and for the last 25 years for Israel’s Radio service she has monitored Arabic language newspapers and broadcasts. Avi and Rachel thank God for their two sons, Aaron and Jacob and their four grandchildren!

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