Doubletree Hotel Stops Homogroupsexuals

* PILE is a Collective Noun: Pile is a collective noun for what? Does Gomer Pile ring a bell? On recent BEL shows:
- First, it was the queen of denial homosexual Wayne Besen.
- Next, Nurse Practitioner and BEL medical analyst Nurse Maria exposed Besen's misinformation.
- Then, former California lawmaker Steve Baldwin warned of Besen's homosexual falsehoods.
Now, thanks to Christian outrage and according to WorldNetDaily, the Washington D.C. Doubletree Hotel has cancelled an inauguration-themed three-day homosexual orgy that promoters billed as "pig sex" for gays, not using that term to refer to swine, but to themselves. The word "pile" is the actual collective noun for homosexuals as coined in the early 1990s. :) though when a KGOV staffer entered that definition on, their IP address was afterward blocked :(

* Warning about The Third Jihad: The video, The Third Jihad, exposes the horrendous advance in America of Saudi Arabia's brand of Islamic terrorism. Tragically though, the film also promotes homosexual rights. Ignorant of the extraordinary dangers of homosexuality, the producers advocate the de-criminalization of a practice, homosexuality, that destroys entire societies and countless individuals. Islamic terrorists have killed about 3,000 people in the U.S. while tolerance of homosexuality has killed more than two-thirds of a million Americans. Worldwide, tolerance and the decriminalization of homosexuality have killed more than ten million people who have endured tortured deaths. Sadly, many who fight radical Islam mislead others to think that true liberty must legalize sexual immorality, including perversions, adultery, pornography, fornication, and homosexuality.

Post-show note:

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Today's Resource: Watch Terry's Call on DVD as Bob quickly unravels homosexual Terry's red herring claim, that homosexuals are living godly lives. In a series of heart touching phone calls, Terry is led to the Lord and repentance, shortly before his death from AIDS. (And notice the meaning of all the graphic elements in the artwork on the label of the DVD!)