Lila Rose on BEL!

* Michael Jackson was a Homosexual Child Molester: remember that the Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon (Sept. '95 "Vanity Fair") said that Michael Jackson lied claiming that no marks on his genitals linked him with the boy's charges.  "His statement on TV is untrue," said Sneddon, indicating the boy had drawn an accurate picture of a spot on Jackson's privates, later corroborated by a police photo. Here are three other items that Bob Enyart Live gave to the Santa Barbara DA's office on May 29, 2005 about Jackson which they were eager and thankful to get, although it didn't help their criminal prosecution any:

1. During the 1991 Super Bowl half time show, Michael Jackson, with scores of children around him, and millions watching, grabbed his genitals and thrust his hips toward the cameras.  An man doing this in an office setting would be considered sick and charged with sexual harassment; a man doing this in a fourth grade classroom would be despised by any good person.

2. A page from "In Touch", a popular homosexual magazine, was broadcast on the nationally syndicated TV show "Bob Enyart Live."  A clear photograph taken prior to the public accusation against Jackson, shows him at a gay vacation spot with his arms around Alan Light, a homosexual reporter, and a young boy.

3. A Jackson news report which aired nationally showed him in a London toy store, closed down for him to bring a young boy shopping.  The video clip showed Jackson touching the boy to show him a toy, and the boy pulled away from Jackson, seemingly disgusted.

On today's show Bob recounted his on-air phone call to Jackson's attorney's office on the day that Mark Geragos said that he would sue anyone who "besmirched Michael Jackson's reputation." Here's the transcript of Bob's talk with Geragos' secretary…

Secretary: This is Joselyn.

Bob: Hi Joselyn, this is Bob Enyart Live in Denver. We're on the radio right now – AM 670 KLTT. And we're responding to Mark Geragos. He said today that if anyone does anything to besmirch Michael Jackson's reputation, that he'd be on them like a ton of bricks. And we wanted to know if Mark has any guidelines, if we could figure out what we can do to qualify to be a 'besmircher?'

Joselyn: You know, I really don't know and Mark's not in right now. I can get a message over to him if you want.

Bob: Alright, if you could just let him know that at Bob Enyart Live in Denver that we were broadcasting that Michael Jackson is a homosexual child molester and if that qualifies that it would be great for him to get in touch with us.

Joselyn: I'll let him know.

Bob: Alright, thank you.

* Lila Rose on Bob Enyart Live: Do you know what this young lady, Lila Rose, has done for the Lord and for the innocent? She goes undercover into Planned Parenthood abortion clinics (see her in a blond wig in the attached screen image from the security camera video in the CRTL advertisement) and she obtains video evidence of their hard-heartedness against women and children. Just this month the state of Tennessee has used evidence from Lila's private citizen sting operation and they voted to stop funding this abortion business! And Colorado RTL officers have brought the same kind of undercover evidence to our own state's Attorney General demanding that our state protect children, born and unborn, from the abortionists' crimes! Lila will speak at the CRTL annual banquet so please mark your calendar right now for Sat., Sept. 26, at 6:30 p.m. and call Donna at CRTL, 303-753-9394 to make your reservation for $75 a plate (or at least to get on their vital mailing list)! (Also, hear Bob describe other interesting "undercover operations" in Colorado.)

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