John Mangopoulos Resurfaces (on BEL)

* Bob Enyart's Evil Twin Reappears: after many years, Enyart interviews his long-lost 'twin' from Michigan, John Mangopoulos. John hosts a Lansing TV show, The Battle of Ideas, and BEL makes available for purchase five episodes with Bob in studio (just call 1-888-8Enyart).

* Michigan Congressman Bob Carr Wants TV Ad Notice: While running for public office John's Democratic opponent Bob Carr wanted advance notification before any of John's scathing political TV advertisements could be broadcast. John found it ironic that his opponent wanted waiting periods for political ads, but not for killing a baby. [Please note: this observation exposes Rep. Carr's wicked heart but is not an endorsement for 'waiting periods' or any such regulation that ends with, "and then you can kill the baby" and is itself merely a variation of the wicked Roe v. Wade opinion.]

* NOVA on TRIAL: Bob and John discuss an episode of the godless public television program NOVA titled, "Intelligent Design on Trial."

* Good Republican Judges: "Good judges" are one of the last reasons offered to conservatives to vote for invariably liberal Republican candidates for federal office. But the dynamic duo demonstrate that it is Re-publican judges who issue many of the most wicked rulings promoting abortion, homosexuality, and godlessness.

* Colorado Law Bans the Bible: Read these excerpts from the law itself and take them plainly at face value. Colorado's SB 200 makes it illegal to publish material which would tend to discriminate or lead to the discrimination of homosexuals and co-habitation. The ARTL sponsored conference call and press conference revealed this government censorship law, the complicity of the ACLU (Anti-Christ Legions of the Underworld), and Focus on the Family's easily dismissed and short-sighted relegation of SB 200 to a "bathroom bill" which might allow men into women's bathrooms, the least egregious aspect and a distraction from the greater evil of this blatant government censorship of Christian morality. As predicted by American RTL at this bill's passage, the Democrats will postpone enforcement of this law until it has been on the books for a long time and until they have an especially unsympathetic person who has made an especially harsh (and perhaps intentionally 'illegal') criticism of homosexual perversion.

Today‚Äôs Resource: In preparation for the Fall 2009 release of Focus III, you can get the Focus on the Strategy I & II two DVD combo (for yourself or give it as a gift!) containing the blockbuster analysis of pro-life and political strategy. Focus on the Strategy, advertised by other ministries as the DVD of the Century, is the blockbuster analysis of Christian political strategy, filmed before a live audience of 300 Christian activists in which Bob Enyart reveals the presentation he gave at Focus on the Family to Tom Minnery, VP of Public Policy for Dr. James Dobson. And the sequel, film festival finalist Focus on the Strategy II, with its dozens of video and audio clips which has extraordinary endorsements from many Christian leaders as the must see video for everyone who wants to end 'legalized' abortion.