North Dakota Hero Rep. Dan Ruby

ND Representative Ruby Sponsors Personhood Bill: As the Personhood movement marches across America, state representative Dan Ruby tells the Bismarck Tribune, "I think North Dakota will be on the map to be the first state in recent years to mount a legitimate challenge to Roe v. Wade!" Bob Enyart's interview of Rep. Ruby highlighted the scientific terminology in the legislation with its reference to human DNA which biologically distinguishes people from animal species. The two discussed the importance of North Dakota's legislation having no exceptions, just like the bills and initiatives currently moving forward in Georgia, Alabama, Montana, South Carolina, Maryland, Mississippi and Oregon! And Bob addressed the temptation to say that such legislative efforts are about personhood and not about ending abortion. "When America acknowledged the personhood of blacks, slavery became unconscionable. Likewise, when we re-affirm the God-given right to life and personhood of the unborn, U.S. law based on God's enduring command Do not murder will re-criminalize abortion. We're not going to trick the nation into re-criminalizing abortion so we should readily acknowledge that our goal to end the killing of the unborn."

* Abortion Clinic Stuffs Born Baby into Biohazard Bag: Pro-life Colorado's Jo Scott describes the Florida abortion clinic stuffing a live baby into a standard red biohazard bag and throwing the baby out into the trash. Gonzales. Police arrested abortion-clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez (no relation to Zenita) of Miramar charging her with the felonies of practicing medicine without a license and tampering with evidence. Apparently, in America you need a license to kill a baby. The abortion industry is apparently willing to throw Gonzalez under the bus, in an effort, not unlike decades of Focus on the Family regulations, that would clean up the image of the abortion industry. "Abortion is the face of evil," says Bob Enyart. "Those who advocate legalized child killing will repent or face God on Judgment Day for the New Testament states: 'It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God," and "Vengeance is Mine," says the LORD (Hebrews 10:30-31).

* Jefferson Mentions a BEL Secret Society: well, not a society so much as a team! Jefferson from Indiana calls in to invite you, and perhaps just one or two others, to join our weekly conference call of five team members: Bob E, Jeff, Jake, Quinn, and Josh, who work together helping BEL accomplish short-term tactical goals to promote personhood and the Christian worldview. This opening is not available to total strangers! (Remember when Patty Krangle, a Planned Parenthood employee, was paid by that abortion business to enter Bob Enyart's home under false pretenses once a week for over half-a-year? Hey, if they're really after you, you might not be paranoid :) No?)

Post-show update: The Alaska Supreme Court is getting another pro-abortion judge! This week Sarah Palin appointed a former Planned Parenthood board member to her state's Supreme Court against the pleas of Alaska pro-life leaders. The Anchorage Daily News reports the sad story including that Anchorage Superior Court Judge Morgan "Christen's application included her membership in several charitable groups, including some from her past, but did not mention that she was on the board of Planned Parenthood in the mid-1990s." But this information was known to Palin by the time she appointed this radical pro-abortion woman to the state's highest court. And to make matters worse, the article also points out that Palin is appointing a pro-abortion supreme court justice while supporting yet another worthless abortion regulation.

Today's Resource: Do you hope to move someone from unbelief to trusting in Christ? That typically involves breaking down both pride and misconceptions. You do NOT need anything from BEL to accomplish this! You can use prayer and the Scriptures. But if you would like some help from BEL, you could consider how these five powerful titles in the BEL Evangelism Pack can help someone decide to convert to Christianity!

* The Patty Krangle Story: Pasted from TheologyOnline...

Why We Protest His Home

Bob Enyart Live mailed the following letter to more than a hundred families living in a Denver-area neighborhood who were upset that we've been conducting years of residential protests targeting their neighbor, a Planned Parenthood abortionist: 

Let’s talk about violating the sanctity of someone’s home. Every week for six months, a Planned Parenthood employee entered my home under false pretenses. At the direction of Huntington Estates resident Gary Jamieson, who was then the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Patty Krangle posed as a friend and gained access to our home for about four hours every Thursday. While on Planned Parenthood’s payroll, Patty searched our closets and drawers, interrogated our children, snooped through our records, and stole whatever information she could as she spied on my family. She did this from inside our home. Perhaps abortionist Edward O’Loughlin viewed that surveillance as just another episode of corporate espionage.

By the way, Patty Krangle and Gary Jamieson have both quit working at Planned Parenthood. And they have both since given us information to benefit our efforts, Gary gave us the home address of Planned Parenthood’s Sylvia Clark, and Patty warned us about Planned Parenthood’s schemes against us. The day he informed us of his change in employment we stopped protesting Gary Jamieson’s house, 9101 E Evans Way.

The Metro Denver US West Yellow Pages lists an ad for “Routine outpatient abortion through 26 menstrual weeks.” Doctors have found that premature babies, born much earlier than 26 weeks are human, cling to life, cry at pain, and have a loving affection for their parents and caregivers. Huntington Estates resident Edward O’Loughlin has a yellow page ad suggesting that he has been killing children for 20 years. On a typical Saturday morning, we see him drive up to Planned Parenthood where he kills between eight to fifteen babies in just a couple of hours. And then he’s often back home in time to catch our protest at his residence. The babies O’Loughlin kills have beating hearts, they wake and sleep, play with their toes, and suck their thumbs. They have eyelids, fingerprints and nails, and they would grab objects placed in their hands. Many of the babies O’Loughlin kills have been kicking their teeny legs already for two months, but they stop doing so abruptly when your neighbor uses a sharp plastic suction tube to rip their legs off. Sometimes, as live ultrasound video of abortion has shown, the tiny baby kicks wildly, trying to escape the imminent harm. But with nowhere to go, and with no protection available, the baby succumbs to the overpowering force that dismembers him. By the way, did you know that Planned Parenthood does not accept checks? But they do take cash.

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop with Francis Schaeffer predicted in their book Whatever Happened To The Human Race? that legalized abortion would lead to infanticide. Have you noticed the growing number of moms who kill their newborns? The Nov. 2, 1997 New York Times ran a three-page article which called for the legalization of killing babies in the first month after birth for any reason! In Sept. 1996, Discover magazine ran a cover story, The Evolution of Infanticide, in which they printed a research scientist’s conclusion that “Infanticide is thus at one extreme in a spectrum of parental care.” Prominent professors in Boulder, Boston, and at Princeton University publicly advocate the legalization of the killing of newborn children for various reasons.

There will be no child killing with tranquility.

Of course this tells only the most brief version of Planned Parenthood's home invasion by their worker Patty Krangle. (If anyone recalls the date of a BEL radio program on which Bob gave a more complete account, please let us know at Child killers are serious about their work... dead serious. And it is up to Christians to work within the law to stop them. This is OUR fight! Don't expect Hindus or Mormons or Buddhists or Jehovah's Witnesses or Muslims to rise up to protect all unborn children, including of the Jews, Asians, Africans, Europeans, Islanders, and Americans. It is up to us, the Body of Christ. With God's help, we will honor him, and protect the innocent.

-Bob Enyart
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