Montana Hero Senator Dan McGee

* Senator Daniel McGee's Historic Bill: MT Sen. McGee introduced two principled pro-family bills. His first bill was well received by religious leaders but tragically his Montana Personhood SB 406 was actually opposed by the state affiliates of Focus on the Family, the Conference of Catholic Bishops, and National Right To Life. On the other hand, among the tens of thousands of pro-lifers celebrating the news of SB 406 was a former president of Montana RTL who coincidentally happened to be in Denver to promote the personhood strategy of American Right To Life!

Post-show update: Colorado Right to Life thanks their state homeschool group, CHEC, Christian Home Educators of Colorado for the pink and blue ribbon atop their site that links to CRTL and that stands for the God-given right to life of every child from the beginning of their biological development.

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