Montana In; South Dakota RTL Out

* And then there were Eight: Bob and Doug McBurney celebrate the continued march of personhood across America! Just 24-hours since yesterday's exciting BEL show Winds of personhood blow in Idaho, today they discuss the Montana Senate passing by a 26 to 24 vote the Montana Personhood Amendment SB 406 authored by Senator Dan McGee. Earlier today in Denver Bob Enyart joined American RTL's special meeting with the former executive director of Montana Right To Life to further promote personhood throughout the western states. And just this week Jill Stanek reported "Seven states pursue personhood,' whereas we can now report that eight states are working toward this vision of ending de-criminalized child killing. Six states have introduced personhood bills: Georgia, Alabama, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina and Maryland! And Mississippi and Oregon are pursuing personhood by way of petition drives to amend their constitutions.

* South Dakota Letter to the Editor: Rapid City Journal, Sunday Edition, Feb. 22, 2009, letter titled, The right thing to do is oppose abortion bill: As a member of American Right To Life, I agree with ARTL urging everyone to oppose South Dakota Right To Life's bill that would require the abortionist to be onsite the day prior to the procedure. Regardless of the intention, every law that regulates abortion including SB 92, informed consent and waiting periods make abortion seem more palatable, and so merely prune the abortion weed and strengthen its root, while they violate God's enduring command, "do not murder" by re-authorizing abortion, and on the surface undermine the very concept of the right to life of the unborn, and call upon judges to uphold laws that regulate killing the fetus, and thus turn conservative judges against the personhood of the unborn, and confuse voters when pro-choicers support regulations, and they could easily authorize countless abortions after Roe is overturned, for they will keep abortion "legal" if abortion is merely "returned to the states," for they reduce the God-given right to life to a second-tier negotiable matter, for they are just variations on Roe which itself regulated abortion, and they can never ever end the abortion of unborn children because they end with the meaning, "and then you can kill the baby." -Everett Stadig, Rapid City SD
Update: Good news - South Dakota's bad law SB 92 is now dead!

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