The OB-AMA Health Care Plan

* Where Many are Killed, and a Few are Dozin': from the cradle to the grave, that is, if you're lucky enough to get to the cradle, you can expect an early trip to the grave. The 1,000-page OB-AMA health care bill has quite a few kickers, just in the first hundred pages...

* Obama bin Biden Prediction: Joe Biden will drop off the ticket when Barack runs for re-election.

* A Missile Defense Shield to Prevent Global Warming: and protect endangered species! Now, that's how you get liberals to FUND our missile defense program through the EPA's own budget! :)

* Liberals are Disqualified: from having their opinions taken seriously in the public square. Why? We'll, here's a list of clichés many of them say, each of which can be disproven in less than eight seconds (based on my written, 10-round moderated debate at our church’s web forum,, titled Does God Exist? Bob Enyart vs. Zakath).

Eight Seconds to Disprove Eight Atheist Clichés

Millions of students have been taught variations of eight typical atheist clichés. Zakath obscured some of these hidden within his three arguments for atheism. Each of these popular clichés can be disproved within eight seconds.

Atheist Cliché 1: There is no truth!
Theist Rebuttal: Is that true? [1 second]

Atheist Cliché 2: There are no absolutes!
Theist Rebuttal: Absolutely? [1 second]

Atheist Cliché 3: Only your five senses provide real knowledge!
Theist Rebuttal: Says which of the five? [2 seconds]

Atheist Cliché 4: Great suffering proves that a loving God cannot exist!
Theist Rebuttal: The unstated assumption is false, that suffering can have no value or purpose. [4.5 secs]

Atheist Cliché 5: Atheism is scientific, because science does not allow for a supernatural interpretation of an event!
Theist Rebuttal: Such circular reasoning forces science to assume that which atheists claim it supports. [5 seconds]

Atheist Cliché 6: Widespread evil proves that a righteous God cannot exist!
Theist Rebuttal: The two unstated assumptions are false: that love can be forced; and that some love is not worth enduring much hate. [6.5 seconds]

Atheist Cliché 7: If theists claim that the universe could not have always been here, then God couldn’t have always been here either.
Theist Rebuttal: The natural universe is subject to the physical laws, so it would run out of useable energy; a supernatural, spiritual God is not subject to physics. [7.9 seconds]

Atheist Cliché 8: You cannot know truth?
Theist Rebuttal: How do you know that? [2 seconds]

If clichés someone adheres to are obviously inherently contradictory, it is best to re-evaluate what led to their acceptance, and to adopt a worldview that exposes, rather than promotes, self contradiction.

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