Gore Effect on Copenhagen Weather

* The Gore Effect on the Copenhagen Weather: Doug McBurney and Bob Enyart crack up. Temperatures plummet wherever global warming conferences are convened. And you've heard that 31,000 U.S. scientists must be wrong when they deny anthropogenic postive climate change since the the media has objectively reported that global warming causes everything!

* UPDATE from rsr.org/gore#effect -- The Weather Phenomenon Known as the Gore Effect: Ironic record breaking snowfalls, cold snaps, and blizzards, and accumulated ice have a tendency to accompany Al Gore's climate talks or even cancel global warming events. For example:

- 2016 Arctic global warming expedition stuck in ice; hadn't even reached the arctic circle!
- 2016 Department of the Interior protesters stood in snow and 20 degree temps on day with minus 10 degree low
- 2013 Antarctic global warming scientists rescued from too much ice after third icebreaker had abandoned effort!
- 2012 Rio di Janero's Int'l Climate Conference attendees shivered in the coldest June temps in recorded history!  
- 2009 Global warming trek makes it less than halfway to the north pole due to cold!
- 2009 Journalists for Copenhagen's Global Warming conference stuck for hours in near-freezing cold
- 2009 Expected "biggest warming protest" ever froze out in D.C. as snow keeps even the Speak of the House away 
- 2008 London's first October snow since 1922 chills Parliament's global warming debate
- 2008 Gore's doomsday warming talk at Harvard greeted by near 125-year low temperatures   
- 2007 prediction of less ice around Antarctica leads to 2013 reversal that global warming produces too much ice!
- 2007 Global warming hearing in D.C. canceled due to snow and ice storm and then...
- 2006 Gore decries global warming in bitterly cold NYC
- "My Father God can whoop your Mother Earth," said Bob Enyart, "but regardless, it may just be that you can't fool her." Feel free to send your favorite example to Bob@rsr.org. Thanks!

* The Boop Shu Bop Republican Purity Test: National Right To Life boss James Boop comes up with a Republican purist test that not even his own candidate Mitt Romney can pass. What a gas! Shu Bop Shubedubo!

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