Bob is Back!

* God Made 'em outta Meat: I love animals, they're delicious. If you've taken the BEL Animal Rights Pledge, then today is the day to eat an extra animal. Whenever the media mentions PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) or reports any animal rights story, make a promise to yourself, and on that day, eat another animal. "Of course animals do have rights: they have the right to be hunted, killed, cooked and eaten. And if God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat." -Bob Enyart, El Paso County Jail to fellow inmates. Some guy named Barack Obama killed a fly during a CNBC interview, and PETA has urged him to not kill flies but to capture and relocate them. One wonders: what right does PETA have to authorize the forced relocation of another living species?

* U.S. Military Tracks Suspect North Korean Ship: America 
suspects the Kang Nam ship, that left port in North Korea yesterday, of carrying missile parts or nuclear materials in violation of our own self-interests. What right do we have to impose our opinion on another nation? We do have that right. Nations are answerable to other nations. As an example, when Iraq and Germany are systematically slaughtering their own people, other nations are justified in using force to intervene…

* After Sending an Undercover Operative into Warren Hern's Abortion Clinic: American Right To Life has finally obtained a rare, original hardback copy of Boulder abortionist Warren Hern's infamous text book. Bob reads a condemning quote about Hern's invitation to colleges to debate abortion in which Hern concludes, "We insist that visual aid materials not be presented by either side." –Warren Hern, Abortion Practice, (Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott) p. 325

* Just Released from Jail: with American Right To Life member Ken Scott scheduled for release from the ARTL Dobson Pledge Protest, Bob Enyart gives an update on his time in jail, including a discussion last night with an Christian, Bible-believing inmate who said that homosexuality is valid and that we should legalize 'gay' marriage.

Today’s Resource: You can learn more by browsing the KGOV Store's Department of Government which includes Bob's classic God's Criminal Justice System seminar on CD and you can read Bob'sarticle (Google 1 of 1.7M for: God death penalty) or watch his DVD on God and the Death Penalty: NT Support for Capital Punishment!