Of Dolphins, Dogs and Homosexuals

* Suicide Advocates Against Beached Dolphins: Why do advocates of suicide always try to stop dolphins from killing themselves? Speaking of animals, Bob Enyart says, "I love animals, they're delicious. Of course animals have rights! They have the right to be hunted, killed, cooked and eaten. The greatest achievement of any animal is to be eaten by a human being. After all, it's better to live and be eaten, then never to have lived at all. You cannot elevate animal rights without denigrating human rights. The animal rights movement tries to criminalize killing fetal pigs for research, but is 'pro-choice' and advocates 'legalized' killing of fetal boys and girls." Hypocrites.

* 18-Year-Old's Suicide Prompts Sexting Law: According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the parents of Jessica Logan are campaigning to regulate "'sexting' - the practice of forwarding and posting sexually explicit cell-phone photos online." However, it is impossible to prevent with regulations the countless tragedies that occur when society violates God's fundamental principles of justice including His prohibitions against stealing (welfare, communism, socialism), murder (abortion, suicide, euthanasia), and adultery (sex outside of marriage including fornication, pornography, internet porn sites, prostitution, homosexuality, seducing someone's spouse).

* Republican John Boehner with another Inane Comment: Ohio's 'pro-life' U.S. congressman and House Republican leader John Boehner makes yet another absurd and amoral comment. Which of these did he actually say:
- "I fully support cheap labor, but I draw the line at the taxpayer-funded slave trade."
- "I fully support over-population studies, but I draw the line at taxpayer-funded genocide."
- "I fully support stem-cell research, but I draw the line at taxpayer-funded embryo research."
- "I fully support medical research, but I draw the line at the taxpayers funding Dr. Mengele."
BEL Flashback: Republicans Find Out Fed Operates in Secret: Newsflash to House Republican leader John Boehner, the Federal Reserve has always operated behind closed doors, and has never submitted to a public audit.

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