Blood-sucking Australian Land Leech

* Crimes Crying Out for a Flogging: Punishment by flogging is the only just and workable solution to America’s much needed tort reform. And beyond our borders, headline crimes just this week cry out for flogging, including:
- The German man who robbed a supermarket on his way to a police interrogation
- The Briton with 52 months imprisonment, and at $500k a year that’s good money if you can get it, for staging almost a 100 car crashes costing England’s insurance industry $2.6 million
- The Aussie leech whom police charged with armed robbery after identifying him by his blood found in a leech near a cracked safe eight years ago
- The president of the ACLU (Anti-Christ Legions of the Underworld), reached for comment en route to defend a protester’s right to burn down ACLU headquarters, who questioned the leech-to-leech identification since the alleged robber is himself a disenfranchised member of society, having actually descended from leeches, most recently by way of an Australian penal colony, but also in geological terms only recently evolving from the hated blood-sucking Australian Land Leech gnatbobdellida libbata.

* Godly Young Woman with Terminal Cancer: James calls in to thank Bob for visiting James' sister whose body is racked with cancer, and the two hospital visits that break out into Bible studies in response to loving Christians who, unwittingly minister suspicion and cruelty to families suffering through their darkest hours, through the superstition and false teaching that people do not get supernaturally healed because of a lack of faith or unconfessed sin.

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Today’s Resource: Enjoy listening to Bob Enyart’s Bible study on miracles and healing titled Details Galore! Did you realize that men often react negatively to displays of God’s power? The ten plagues in Egypt, the forty years of miracles in the wilderness, and Christ’s wonders in Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum all left onlookers in a state of unbelief. Bob's study on CD, Details Galore, analyzes the scriptural material on this aspect of human behavior by evaluating every single miracle listed in the Bible! Also, you can read this same analysis in Bob’s life’s work, the best-selling book, The Plot!