Bob's Wife vs. Safeway

* Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney: telephone Bob's wife Cheryl to ask where the Enyart family does most of its food shopping. The American Family Association is asking Christians to boycott Safeway because of their promotion of homosexuality. They had a great talk with Cheryl and she said that while she's always done most of their grocery shopping at Safeway (for a large family, grandkids, friends, riffraff), she is going to honor the AFA boycott and begin shopping at King Soopers (a Kroger food chain which Cheryl said has lower prices and better store layouts anyway) and she'll shop at other competitors too, instead of Safeway. Go Cheryl! Bob and Doug estimated that since they were broadcasting on Colorado's most powerful radio station, with KLTT's 50,000 watts, and listeners throughout Colorado and in neighboring states including Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming, that they might get three or four more families to stop shopping at Safeway. As the pastor of Denver Bible Church, in Sunday morning's sermon, Bob is going to ask his congregation to boycott Safeway because of the stores cruelty toward homosexuals, apparently caring nothing for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, because if they did, they would not promote such a destructive lifestyle. Of course, from the middle ages through the early 1900s, when American and the world was intolerant of homosexuality, it's hard to document large numbers of deaths from homosexuality; but in the last forty years alone, there have been about one million tortured deaths in the U.S., and about ten million tragic fatalities worldwide, as a direct result of the homosexual epidemic as promoted by Safeway and other hard-hearted corporations, aided by the misinformation spread to promote an ideology regardless of the toll in human life. Safeway's store posters of Harvey Milk remind us of Damien Martin, head of New York’s 'gay' Harvey Milk High School, who said “No kid has ever been hurt by [oral sex]” as quoted in the leading homosexual publication, Out magazine, Sept. 94, p.73 in an article titled “The Men From the Boys.” And the other leading 'gay' publication in an article about sex with juveniles, titled, “Getting Over It” by Carl Maves stated, “How many gay men, I wonder, would have missed out on a valuable, liberating experience — one that initiated them into their sexuality — if it weren’t for so-called [child] molestation?” -The Advocate, May 5, 1992, p.85.

Separately: Cheryl told a precious story about their eight-year-old son Dominic and his love for his father!

* Doug's Wife Rooting for U.S. Military Tracking North Korean Ship: Doug McBurney's Okinawan wife Takako (we learn from a well-placed source) agrees that both Safeway and North Korea are a detriment to the health and safety of families and children. Bob and Doug think it's especially wise to take out Kim Dung Ill and avoid Safeway's soiled milk. And Bob and Doug vote for America forcibly liberating the 22 million enslaved North Koreans, if necessary using Japan's agenda-based warning (they'd rather not be nuked again) as a pretext.

* YouTube Playlist: And here are a few videos from the Enyart Family playlist...

Today’s Resource: Go to to find our Terry's Call program on DVD or as a download. Bob quickly unravels Terry's red-herring claim, that homosexuals are living godly lives. In a series of heart touching phone calls, Terry is led to the Lord and repentance, shortly before his death from AIDS. (And notice the meaning of all the graphic elements in the artwork on the label of the DVD!)