A Christian Education

* Maranatha Christian Center in Arvada: Recent research indicates that statistically, students who are not doing well academically by 8th grade will not be ready for college or a career even after four more years of high school. Bob talks to a school administrator about the extraordinary opportunity for children ages one through 12th grade at Maranatha and about how this ministry prepares a child for the future! Eighteen watered, wooded acres with wonderful farm animals, tremendous academics, great playgrounds, gymnasium, batting cage, and football field, fine art instruction, music, accounting, science, history, language, and so much more. But best of all, MCC instills a Christian biblical worldview through every class! MCC students excel academically and are eagerly welcomed into world-renowned colleges and universities. Bob and Cheryl Enyart have been involved with MCC for more than 20 years and BEL has been telling our audience about this wonderful outreach since 1993.


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