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* Border Fence Repairs cost $1300.00 Each! Maintaining the border fence is obviously a government operation….(Gen. 11:3)

* Dirt Worshipper's Idol Assaults Straight Married Couple, A tragedy that could have been avoided if only the tree huggers would let us clear the highways and byways of their idols…(Rom. 1:25)

* Execution Botched, Justice Denied, In another example of governmental incompetence murderer Romell Broom failed to meet Jesus last week, and now his lawyers are seeking to delay their inevitable introduction indefinitely…(Gen. 9:6)

* Najibullah Zazi, ids suspected of plotting with Al-Queda NY to either bleach his hair, or blow things up using hydrogen peroxide and other household chemicals. Our advice to the FBI: even if Zazi’s not the guy….please keep looking…(1Tim. 5:21)

* Cameras in Medina Washington are watching… And the ACLU is annoyed that every car’s license plate that enters this small town is scanned and sent to the police. If you’re a criminal, police chief Jeffrey Chen is ahead of you! So if Eric Holder is chosen to be the next judge on American Idol, we’ve already found his replacement, so vote America! Vote!!!…(Dan. 2:29)

* Hofstra rape accuser made it all up! But that’s not the most shocking part of the story. What’s more shocking is what apparently passes as extra-curricular activities in our nation’s institutions of lower learning…(Ez. 20:16)

* Nancy Pelosi Chokes, (but not in the good way) She cites violent attacks of the left upon order and justice during one of her mood swings. She’s scared…and not of violence against her and the semi-pro oligarchs running our nation right up to the rim of hell. She’s afraid she might have to fly coach again someday… (Isa.3:12)

* Cowardly Obama Abandons Eastern Europe Missile Shield While Joe Biden explains that it’s OK…”Iran is no longer a threat.”
(Zep. 2:8)

* Just Another Day in Any-town USA, A Thousand Oaks California family was slaughtered in their home Wednesday night. A story that should shock the nation barely makes the wire as the judges and governing officials of our nation find themselves awash in the blood of the innocent…(Ez. 13:19)

* Bob Enyart is in Michigan presenting his Personhood Seminar: Come on out on Saturday, September 19 at 10 a.m. to meet Bob Enyart for a morning seminar hosted by TV personality John Mangopoulos. Bob will present the blockbuster Focus on the Strategy at the Holiday Inn between Detroit and Grand Rapids at Exit 110 on I-96 near Lansing. All pro-lifers are invited and Michigan Citizens for Life members are cordially invited! Please RSVP to 517-332-1609.

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