Report from Denver's Tea Party

* Pro-Lifers in Force at Tax-Day Tea Party: American Right To Life urged pro-lifers nationwide to crash their local tea-party protest today! In Denver, the Colorado RTL truth truck circled the capitol with 16-foot long photos of aborted children asking the question: “What good is vast revenue without justice?” Dozens of pro-lifers mingled with the crowd that BEL estimates at 3,500 propping up enormous photos of murdered children and holding signs of Proverbs 16:8 “Better is a little with righteousness, than vast revenues without justice.” Some signs:
- Please don’t tell Obama what comes after a trillion.
- I’ll keep my money, you keep the change.
- Don’t blame me, I voted for the American.
- 99% of Democrats give the rest a bad name.


* Jesus in their Midst: The Christian pro-lifers engaged many in discussion about what really matters, namely, Jesus Christ! Some thought that rights come from the majority, to which Bob Enyart replied: “Then they’re not rights, are they?” Others, primarily those ironically touting themselves as well-informed regarding the U.S. Constitution, claimed in their ignorance and hubris, that murder is NOT a federal matter, to which Bob replied: Have you read the 5th and 14th amendments? Is the Constitution itself NOT a federal matter? These amendments require the federal government to prohibit the systematic murder of innocent children by both the 5th Amendment, and the 14th: “...nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” God’s enduring command, Do not murder, is the prevailing legal authority and any nation’s constitution is a side-deal which has no ability to release any government nor any sub-division of government from its obligation to oppose de-criminalized murder. Our own particular U.S. Side-Deal (aka the Constitution, Article I of which counted most blacks as three-fifths of a person) does not justly or unjustly give the federal government the leeway to be apathetic and uninvolved if an individual state de-criminalizes the murder of Jews, blacks, or unborn children. From emperor to dogcatcher, every government official has the positive duty before God to oppose and stand against murder.


* Don’t Say X-Amendment Rights: along with other great callers who were at the tea party like Jan and Vick, Mark from Wheat Ridge talked to Bob about where rights come from. The two agreed that referring to the “first amendment right to free speech” and the “second amendment right to bear arms” actually undermines the public’s understanding and support for those very rights. Calling them X-amendment rights implies to the easily confused masses that rights come from the government. They do not. Rights come from God. Every government has the absolute obligation to abide by the God-given rights to life, liberty, property, and due process, regardless of anything its own constitution may say. Christians need to re-learn these basic principles.


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