Phelps Pot o' Gold & the BEL Telethon

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* Michael Phelps' Pot o' Gold: Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps admitted to smoking pot and he has apologized profusely, repented, and said, "I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again." At BEL we wish Michael well. Regarding blaming his behavior on his age: "I'm 23 years old... I acted in a  youthful... way," as the pastor of Denver Bible Church, if I counsel a teenager or a family having difficulty with a rebellious teen, I never suggest that we should expect rebellion in young people as they grow up. There are simply too many wonderful young men and women that honor their mother and father, that never openly rebel against God, to take the easy-way out and make the excuse that everybody does it. Everybody doesn't do it. True, everyone who lives long enough to develop to the age at which they are making moral decisions, every such person other than Jesus Christ, has sinned, because we inherit the flesh from our father, and from our grandfather, and ultimately, from Adam. For all the world sinned in Adam, and thus, death came to the human race. But let's not give unwarranted excuses to teenagers, or employees, or anyone, for open rebellion and a refusal to humble oneself before parents and before God. Phelps would have been better to not further harming the reputation of young people, and not propagating excuses as though we expect youth to abuse alcohol and drugs. Regardless though, we are so thankful that Michael Phelps has apologized and promised to never get high again.

Bob noticed the imbalance that favors gold medals for swimming, for example, as compared to other sports. That imbalance seems way to wide. Of course different strokes, various distances, and relays, require different skills. But compare that to the sport of hockey which requires greatly divergent skills such as skating and goaltending; and great passing seems like a relay, and slap shots are quite different from backward skating and puck handling. Hockey requires as many or probably more varying skills than, say, track, or swimming. So it seems too much of an imbalance to offer just one gold medal for all the extraordinary effort in hockey by so many talented sportsmen, and then offer seventeen gold medals for swimming. It's just so far out of balance, the medal inflation in swimming, that the number of medals won does not help as much as it could in comparing the great Olympic athletes.

* NBC Prefers Smut Over Life-Affirming Ad: NBC reversed its decision and turned down a Super Bowl ad that merely affirmed life by showing a child in the womb. The Never Believe in Christ anti-evangelism outlet preferred instead to flood the public airwaves with sexually immoral ads plugging pathetic products and their own filthy programs, using women as props, like meat hanging in the window of a butcher shop. Of course, everyone can do as the Enyart family does, and just say no to watching NBC programming :) !

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