Palin's PAC Reacts to ProlifeProfiles

* Palin's Political Action Committee Reacts to ProlifeProfiles: Check out this press release from American RTL:

Denver, Colorado, Nov. 17 – SarahPAC Scrubs Site: the political 527 group which claims responsibility for derailing Mitt Romney's presidential hopes in 2008 and which yesterday published an unflattering profile of Sarah Palin, now responds to SarahPAC's alteration today of its own archive.

Within 24 hours of the launch of, the official Sarah Palin political action committee removed their own glowing news report of Palin's appointment of a former Planned Parenthood board member, Morgan Christen, to the Alaska Supreme Court. In response, American RTL Action is publishing SarahPAC's broken link, the ProlifeProfiles pdf archive of Palin's own news report, and the current Google cache of the page (which may expire) and its own on-site html archive.

"Sarah Palin's PAC removed their report of Palin's appointment," said Lolita Hanks, ARTL spokeswoman, "telling all of us that they realize this information is incriminating, so we are disappointed that we are not seeing humility from Sarah." King David may have wanted to "scrub" Second Samuel, but the Scriptures shined the light to expose corruption and bring about repentance.

ProlifeProfiles has updated its Palin Profile: "While National RTL and the pro-life industry continue to allow the Body of Christ to be deceived into thinking that Sarah is 100% pro-life, she cannot hide her record from God, nor from the public. Pro-lifers do not appoint abortionists to the Supreme Court just as an abolitionist would not appoint a slave trader. Please pray with us that Sarah will apologize to the children of Alaska, specifically those who have been dismembered since March 4, 2009, for appointing an 'outstanding' unrepentant pro-abortion lawyer. SarahPAC took this information down; ProlifeProfiles put it back up. Welcome to the end of child killing in our lifetime."

Hanks said, "Even if it cost her everything, even her entire political future, we hope that Sarah Palin will take a new stand and make a true commitment to protect unborn children. We have a spot reserved for her on our Tier 1 list of principled pro-life leaders."

A nationwide research team working for American RTL launched yesterday highlighting Sarah Palin's surprisingly pro-abortion record. See news reports about at
the Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, USA Today, and Mother Jones magazine. See also the ARTL Action Romney Exit press release: "No longer will National RTL be able to give fraudulent 100% pro-life ratings to Republican pro-choice candidates without being exposed nationally." 

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* Yesterday's Interview with Mother Jones: that you heard right here on KGOV resulted in this quote at USA Today today, "We have the right to life from our Creator. If we come from animals, you can kill one another without consequence. A fish can eat another fish and it's not a crime." Personhood leads to countless teaching moments. And the story by Mother Jones' Stephanie Mencimer was accurate as a comparison of the audio from yesterday's interview and today's article. Click to register or to donate!

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