Abortionist Tiller's Murder in Perspective

* BEL Does Not Condone, but... Have you seen the extraordinary vigilante worksheet at American Right To Life's site? This program is based on that material. Abortionist George Tiller is the most recent and notorious of the four abortionists killed in America, after Barnett Slepian, John Britton, and David Gunn. God has granted everyone the right of self defense to use an escalation of force up to lethal action to protect oneself and one's neighbor from unjust, imminent harm and death. Of course abortionists have unjustly slaughtered countless innocent children. Yet here at Bob Enyart Live we do not condone the murder of Tiller, but we are thankful that he will never kill another child. The typical abortionist kills more than four people by lunchtime, yet the vigilantes who killed these four abortionists were unjustified. The ARTL Abortion Vigilante Worksheet uses the principles which establish the right of self defense and at the same time condemn vigilantism and the killing of abortionists. Jesus observed that those who live by violence will perish by violence (Mat. 26:52) as the New Testament further states, "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword" which command is described as "the faith of the saints" (Rev. 13:10). Widespread injustice like slavery, the holocaust, and abortion undermine the tranquility that societies (and even the perpetrators) desire; and as violence begets itself, these crimes against humanity bring about predictable eruptions of violence.

* Liberals Can't Condemned Liberals: "If I were like a liberal, or a liar like most U.S. politicians, I would say, 'I am personally against killing abortionists, but who am I to impose my morality on others?' But that would be disgusting. If I were a liberal, I would say to pro-choicers, let's work together to make abortionist killings rare, but that would be disingenuous. If I were a like a liberal, I would deny the obvious truth, and say Sunday's killing is not murder; it's simply a very late-term abortion. But I am not a liberal, and I have the obligation to follow the standard of truth and integrity presented by Jesus Christ. Liberals cannot even theoretically be condemned by their own materialistic and 'scientific' worldview, for neither survival of the fittest, physics, nor any of the physical laws employ the concepts of right and wrong. Conversely, a Christian can be condemned by his standard, if he violates the principles of Jesus Christ." -Bob Enyart

* Denver's NBC Affiliate 9News: took the unusual step of uploading the raw footage of their interview with Bob Enyart regarding abortionist George Tiller's murder. Perhaps they think that presenting the raw footage, rather than as customary the answers to the reporter's questions, presents the pro-life side in a bad light. But here at BEL we're thankful that everything said is true, justifiable and urgent.

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