Bob gets Coached PT. 2

Coach Dave Daubenmire: interviews Bob Enyart about the greatest movement in America today, Personhood. They discuss who is on the side of personhood, who is not, and why those opposed to personhood are also embarrassed when a pro-life says the name Jesus, and why they would rather be politically "savvy" then humble before their God and seek His ways.

Also the killing of George Tiller and how a Christian can deal with violence inside and outside a modern day death camp. Should we wring our hands in sorrow? Should we advocate violence?  How would the Lord have His servants deal with murder in a country where the government officially supports the shedding of innocent blood?

Today's Resource: Battle Royale VII: Does God Exist? If God exists then we need to follow the path He has laid out for us when dealing with life, family, politics and social issues.  If God doesn't exist then that changes everything.  The existence of God is the most fundamental question you will ever deal with.  In this written debate Bob lays out strong evidence for our creator God and the opposition not only back peddles he runs away from the debate!