Mike Courington -- Sex Act Charge for 40/29 News Director

* The CW's Truck Stop Pervert Already on Police Radar: Masturbating in Public – An unfortunate trucker witnessed a crime committed by a local news editor, a Fort Smith, Arkansas journalist, who performed a public sex act. After phoning 911 and then being subpoenaed to testify, the trucker phoned Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney on Denver's 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. This Arkansas truck driver probably called us (begins at 7 minutes in) because our afternoon drive program Bob Enyart Live is known around the country and among truckers for opposing plea bargains and for exposing judges and prosecutors who help criminals sweep their crimes, especially sex crimes, under the rug. Robbie from Arkansas was the complaining witness against The CW network (CBS/Warner) affiliate 40/29 TV (owned by the Hearst Corp) news director Mike Courington for masturbating in public at the Tobo's 66 truck stop at Exit 58 on I-540 just south of Fayetteville.
The CW 4029 News Director perp Mike Courington
Greenland Arkansas Authorities Charged 40/29 TV's Michael Courington for Sex Act
. Police told the trucker that they had police car dash cam video of Mike Courington from his previous suspicious behavior when he was being told to leave the property. This time, after the trucker wrote down Courington's license plate number and being a willing complaining witness, Courington received three charges from the prosecutor:
-criminal trespass
-public disturbance/disorderly conduct, and
-indecent exposure with intent...

On Sept. 30 the Trucker was Subpoenaed to Testify but on Oct. 6 when he called the Greenland prosecutor he was told that Courington had plea bargained down to obstructed windshields, or uhhh was it... actually, disorderly conduct, yes, disorderly conduct, and Courington was sentenced to 90 days in jail with work release.

The CW network's 4029 TV News logoA Call to Courington's Own Station and News Department (begins at 19 minutes in) at the Hearst Corporation's 40/29 KHBS/KHOG to Robin in the newsroom shows that they were unaware of the incidents. BEL reported this crime also to other local news outlets including ArkansasOnline.com. (Oct. 8 Update: By phone today Robin told an Arkansas viewer that the story about Courington is just a rumor and is not true.)

* USA Today Today Vindicates BEL Policy: USA Today today reports a major decrease in the crime of rape while, thankfully, reporting seems to have risen, all because of the forensic value of DNA evidence. For more than a decade, host Bob Enyart has been calling for a comprehensive National DNA database and most recently during an interview with presidential candidate and U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo urged a policy of DNA swabs for everyone entering the United States.

* What's a Liberal to Do? Students in Dayton Ohio apparently do not have the same catch-and-release program as does the Greenland Arkansas prosecutor. An elementary public school teacher in Dayton Ohio was bitten on the arm by a student who would not release him. With the Detroit News reporting a while back that schools medicate 11.4 million students, and any Google Alert of schoolhouse crimes including sex between teachers and students filling the average inbox to overflowing, and the Adult Discipline Disorder (ADD) epidemic in our public schools, and with 108 babies being born in a single year to students at Denver metro's Adam's City High School, and with the jihad against spanking, what's a liberal to do?

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