Now FBI Agents are Involved!

Psychological Warfare at the Clinic: Now, FBI agents are involved! Planned Parenthood uses sophisticated surveillance from a top an abandoned Denver fire station to take video and still photographs of people on the public sidewalk. (That fire station, incidentally, was illegally sold without auction or public notice at the behest of the abortion mill to a couple who is collaborating with the multi-million dollar organization.) These photographs are used to instigate false allegations against pro-lifers, and especially young pro-lifers and moms with children. Jo Scott and Bob Enyart list examples of such collusion between the abortionists, the couple who fraudulently now 'own' the fire station, and the Denver city council and police department.

Denver Post & the DNC Sheets of Shame Anniversary: You remember the world's largest protest sign that American RTL unfurled on the Rocky Mountains during the Democratic National Convention? Well, so does the Denver Post. Please email ( or call the Denver Post at 303 832-3232 and ask for the news room, and request that they report the story behind the enormous sign on the mountain!

ARTL sign vs the statue of liberty


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