"Michael Jackson was a homosexual child molester."

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Michael Jackson Memorial

* "Michael Jackson was a homosexual child molester." -Bob Enyart, Denver radio, KGOV.com. See below Enyart's interactions with Jackson's attorney's office (on the day Mark Geragos threatened to sue anyone who besmirched the singer) and with the Santa Barbara DA's office.

2019 Update: Superstar Marlon Brando in a sworn statement to Los Angeles police recounted a 1994 visit with his friend at Neverland Ranch:

I had asked him if he was a virgin and he sort of laughed and giggled... He said, "Oh, Brando." I said, "Well, what do you do for sex?" And he was acting fussy and embarrassed. [Later in their discussion] I said, "Well, who are your friends?" He said, "I don't know anybody my own age. I don’t like anybody my own age."

* 10 Undeniable Facts: With the airing of the 2019 documentary Leaving Neverland, Vanity Fair publishes 10 Undeniable Facts About the Michael Jackson Sexual-Abuse Allegations beginning with naming all the boys that he slept with in the same bed, including the undisputed horror that, "at age 34, Michael Jackson slept more than 30 nights in a row in the same bed with 13-year-old Jordie Chandler at the boy’s house." You can hear this on Bob's 2019 Jackson update program.

* Jackson Admits Yet Contradicts Himself on Boys in His Bed: Michael Jackson answered CBS News, "Why not?" when asked whether he sleeps with children in his bed. On film to British broadcaster Martin Bashir Jackson said, "It's what the whole world should do... Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do, is to share your bed with someone." Then instinctively moving to minimize this, Jackson added that he had slept in bed with only a "very few" boys. Yet CNN reports that Jackson admitted elsewhere, "I have slept in a bed with many children. "

* Jackson's Books of Nude Boys: USA Today reported on Aug. 7, 1995 another Jackson lie when he claimed that "nothing" was found in the cops' search linking him to child molestation. Actually, in addition to dozens of adult pornography publications the police found many books of nude children including boys, "the sort of book that has been linked to pedophiles." And this in the room of a man who admittedly shares his bed with young boys. The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department documented every item recovered by police of Jackson's bedroom, upstairs video game room, and master bathroom. They include evidence marked:
- Item #301: Five pornographic videos, one referencing women as "Ho's" and 4 Barely Legal DVDs published by pervert Larry Flynt (whom Bob Enyart confronted on ABC's Politically Correct with Bill Maher)
- Item #303: Three books containing nude photographs of teenagers and pre-teenagers and of women in sexually explicit poses as well as of naked men taken by the author who described himself as a gay photographer
- Item #304: A sadomasichistic bondage book and a "Barely Legal" magazine
- Item #305: Photograph of child actor McCauley Caulkin from set of Home Alone
- Item #307: Book of photos of nude men
- Item #309: Page ripped from a magazine of a seductive ad, children's books, a syringe, letter from a school for underprivileged kids arranging for them to visit, notes between Gavin Arvizo (a later accuser) and Jackson, and "hard core" porn videos
- Item #313: Book of nude photographs of adults
- Item #344: Sony laptop from adjacent to master bedroom containing adult porn with the user ID "Marcel Jackson" and "Dr. Black"
- Item #346: Jackson's laptop in his bedroom containing nude images from a teen sex website
- Item #347a: Mac computer in Jackson's bedroom containing downloaded nude images and records of repeated visits to teen, adoption, and kids websites  
- Item #347b: Same Mac computer with files of teenage sex and user's own Internet user IDs "King777tut" and "privacy969"
- Item #364: Photo book of young adult males, some nude
- Item #365: Two pornographic books interspersing images of naked children
- Item #366: Two books containing nude images of men and teenage males and children, images of adults with adults with superimposed children's faces, and another book "Graphic Primer for Homosexuals" picturing homosexual acts
- Item #505: Three books with pictures of nude children and of naked adults with superimposed children's faces
- Item #508: Book, Adolescent Extreme with images of "nude teenagers and/or young adults"
- Item #509: Book with images of nude children as well as adults
- Item #510: Bag containing underclothes, bloodied bed linens, child's shorts, spiderman socks
Additional recovered items from same court filings:
- Book Boys Will be Boys of full frontal nudity of boys under the age of 14, personally inscribed by Michael Jackson
- Book containing pictures of boys and girls, some nude
- Book containing images of boys, some nude
- Photograph of young boy with bikini bottoms partially pulled down
- Photograph of fully nude boy whom investigators believed is child actor Jonathan Spence.

* Defense for Jackson's Porn Books Further Condemns Him: Defenders, like this popular homosexual blog, often imply that Jackson had only one or two books of naked children. That falsehood is like from pure ignorance. Another typical claim, apparently originating from the Jackson camp itself, is that a book with photos of nude boys was given as a gift to Jackson. If false, this is yet another lie from the Jackson camp. If true, this makes his possession of the book even worse. For then the giver would be yet another adult who assumed Jackson would be pleased to own a book of naked boys. And either way, the claim is an effort to distance him from the book, which itself is an admission of the perversion. Jackson's camp claims that the photos of nude boys were in "legal art books". However, America's raunchy culture includes the ACLU which defends the distribution of child pornography and a dysfunctional legal system which permits the sale of "artistic" books of sexualized naked adolescents and other children, sexualized by the naked photography itself. In the 1990s, Bob Enyart, listener Larry Killgore, and others went to Denver's Cherry Creek Mall and tore up the pages of such child porn books on sale and urged the spineless store manager and mall security guard to call the police on us. But knowing their own guilt, they never did.

* Jackson Lied About Other Accusers: Michael Jackson lied saying that no other children had come forward to accuse him, when in truth he was negotiating a $22 million settlement with another boy. Jackson defenders forget that predators sometimes target victims in families who will garner little credibility or sympathy.

* Michael Jackson Lied About His Marks: Vanity Fair in September 1995 reported Santa Barbara district attorney Tom Sneddon's disclosure that Michael Jackson lied when he claimed that no marks on his genitals linked him with his young accuser's charges. "His statement on TV is untrue." Sneddon indicated that a police photo taken by search warrant corroborated the accuracy of the boy's drawing of a spot on Jackson's privates.

* BEL Presents Three Items to the District Attorney: On May 29, 2005 the Santa Barbara D.A.'s office thanked Bob Enyart Live for bringing the following to their attention, although clearly these did not help their criminal prosecution any:

1. Jackson, a Boy, and a Homosexual Reporter: A page from In Touch, a popular homosexual magazine, was broadcast on the nationally syndicated TV show Bob Enyart Live presenting a clear photograph taken prior to the public accusations against Jackson showing him at a "gay" vacation spot with one arms around homosexual reporter Alan Light and his other arm around a young boy.

2. Jackson Anger's His Special Friend: A nationally broadcast news report in the 1990s showed video of Michael Jackson in a London toy store, closed down for him to bring a young boy shopping. The clip showed Jackson touching the boy to show him a toy, and the boy pulled away from Jackson, seemingly not wanting to be touched by his benefactor.

3. 1991 Super Bowl Half Time Show: With scores of children around him and millions watching, Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch and thrust his hips toward the cameras. An office worker during lunch who grabbed his genitals and thrusted his midsection toward a secretary would be charged with sexual harassment by quitting time. A man doing this with twelve-year olds around him is even more of a pervert.

* Lisa Marie Blames Boys, Defends Jackson: Like a kiss of death, on June 14, 1995 in a Prime Time Live interview Michael Jackson and his investment partner alleged-wife Lisa Marie Presley allowed the responsibility for boys climbing into bed "with Michael" to be placed onto the children. His fake wife enabler added, "They won't even let him go to the bathroom without following him there."

* NAMBLA Exploits Jackson's Child Molestation: in the mid-1990s the North American Man Boy Love Association ran a newsletter cover story celebrating the results of their own informal poll showing that a significant percent of the general public would still admire Michael Jackson, even if it were proved conclusively that he sexually molested young boys. By NAMBLA's analysis, in Europe and America Michael Jackson was helping to undermine the taboo against sex with children (click and search for: Milk).

* Dianne Sawyer erred – 'Jackson cleared' of all charges: According to the district attorney the police were waiting for "somebody to come forward" who had not been bribed into silence, Vanity Fair (Sept. 1995).

* Jackson's Own Sister: was one of the first to indicate that her brother Michael had paid huge sums to silence accusations.

* LaToya Jackson's Husband: LaToya's former spouse Jack Gordon stated that Michael took a nice young boy into his bedroom, and that the two stayed in there for five days, and when they came out, the kid had turned into a different kid and seemed very disturbed.

* Jackson's Personal Chauffeur: stated that he drove Michael Jackson to the home of one of his accusers for all-night sleepovers, thirty days in a row.

* Jackson's Personal Bodyguard: Jerome Johnson said that Michael Jackson had one particular sleepover with four kids. Johnson also stated that if anyone interrupted Michael during a sleepover with boys, that person would be fired. -Hollywood private investigator Don Crutchfield told Bill O’Reilly on Feb. 13, 2003. Various media outlets hired Crutchfield to research Michael Jackson and he wrote the book: Confessions of a Hollywood PI.

* Jackson's Head of Security: Bill Brey was overheard by bodyguard Jerome Johnson telling Michael Jackson that he had to lie to help cover up Michael’s behavior with boys. O'Reilly Factor, Feb. 13, 2003.

* Jackson's Own Estate Manager: Mariano Quindoy, estate manager of the Neverland Ranch, said that Michael Jackson often lured children ages 7 to 12 into his bedroom to engage them in "gay sex." Quindoy stated this in a nationally broadcast interview in his native Philippines and it was reported by The Philippines Inquirer and World Net Daily.

* Jackson's Personal Maid: stated that she occasionally saw Michael Jackson in the bathroom and in his bedroom when he was in various stages of undress, with a young boy, in bed, and even in the same sleeping bag.

* BEL Phone Call to Jackson Attorney's Office: Listen to today's show to hear a re-broadcast of Bob's 2003 phone call placed to Jackson's attorney's office on the very day that Mark Geragos threatened to sue anyone who "besmirched Michael Jackson's reputation." Here's the transcript of that call with Geragos' secretary:

Secretary: This is Joselyn.

Enyart: Hi Joselyn. This is Bob Enyart Live in Denver. We're on the radio right now – AM 670 KLTT. And we're responding to Mark Geragos. He said today that if anyone does anything to besmirch Michael Jackson's reputation, that he'd be on them like a ton of bricks. And we wanted to know if Mark has any guidelines, if we could figure out what we can do to qualify to be a 'besmircher?'

Secretary: You know, I really don't know and Mark's not in right now. I can get a message over to him if you want.

Enyart: Alright, if you could just let him know that at Bob Enyart Live in Denver that we were broadcasting that Michael Jackson is a homosexual child molester and if that qualifies that it would be great for him to get in touch with us.

Secretary: I'll let him know.

Enyart: Alright, thank you.

* Jackson's Long-time Friend Now Admits: After Jackson's death, British millionaire Terry George has acknowledged that when he was only 13 years old, during his extended friendship with young adult Michael Jackson, that the celebrity talked sexually to him, and claimed to be performing a sex act during one of his conversations with this young boy.

* Boy with Cancer Says: Gavin Arvizo said, according to the London Times:

I asked him if I could stay in his bedroom. And I was like, "Michael you can sleep in the bed", and he was like, "No, no, you sleep on the bed", and I was like, "No, no, no, you sleep on the bed". And then he said, "Look if you love me you'll sleep in the bed". So I finally slept on the bed. But it was fun that night."

Yet even when any of these kids thought they had the idea of sleeping in the same room, on the same bed, etc., it was obviously Jackson manipulating them into thinking that. As he has admitted that this bed thing can be almost routine for him. "It's not sexual. We're going to sleep. I tuck them in, and I put a little music on, and when it's story time, I read a book." 

* Two of Jackson's Jurors Regret Aquittal: As reported by the Associated Press, in a preview shown on NBC's Today, talk host Rita Cosby asked Eleanor Cook if the other jurors will be angry with her and Ray Hultman. Cook answered, "They can be as angry as they want to, they ought to be ashamed, they're the ones that let a pedophile go."

Note: Michael Jackson defender Ian Halperin wrote in London's Daily Mail, "It is clear to me that Michael was homosexual and that his taste was for young men, albeit not as young as Jordan Chandler or Gavin Arvizo. In the course of my investigations, I spoke to two of his gay lovers, one a Hollywood waiter, the other an aspiring actor… Other witnesses speak of strings of young men visiting his house at all hours, even in the period of his decline… in Las Vegas, one of his closest aides told how he would sneak off… to meet a male construction worker he had fallen in love with." For 3,500 years Judeo-Christian legal history has outlawed homosexual behavior. About one third of all children sexually molested are boys, and over ninety percent of those boys are hurt by men. (If you, the reader, are in rebellion against God and you don't care about children, then ignore the previous sentence.) Every man molesting a boy is committing a homosexual act. America's founding fathers held sodomy to be a crime, and every state outlawed the behavior. The decriminalization of homosexuality in the late 20th century has led to the tortured deaths of millions of its victims worldwide. If you love your neighbor, you'll warn him that God made us male and female.

Terry's Call: On Converting a Homosexual* Corey Feldman Wasn't His Type: Childhood friend (note: with MJ, that doesn't have its normal meaning) of Jackson, Corey Feldmen has long defending Jackson from molestation accusations. Meanwhile, BEL has long pointed out what that meant, that Feldman simply didn't realize what it means when someone is, "not his type". March 7, 2019 Update: Finally, Corey Feldman realizes (and says) that he can no longer defend Michael Jackson. Truth Wins Out!

Today's Resource: Watch Terry's Call on DVD as Bob quickly unravels Terry's red herring claim, that homosexuals are living godly lives. In a series of heart warming phone calls, Terry is led to repentance and the Lord shortly before his death from AIDS. (And notice the artwork on the DVD label.)