Denver's Crime of the Century Pt. 3

* Gang Members Murdered Steve Curtis' Friends: Part III: The Crime Scene. (If you haven't heard any of these shows, start here with this, the most stunning of Bob's interviews on the Bonnie Brae murders!) Hear Steve Curtis describe the horror of the murder scene. At his Denver home, two of Curtis' friends were murdered, and Steve was shot at point blank range twice in the head. In this program, Bob Enyart and Steve Curtis discuss the "botched" Parkside Café robbery which Frank Magnuson witnessed. Arrested fleeing the scene and with a necklace just stolen from Cheryl Akai, Roger Young was in jail awaiting trial and ordered a 'hit' from behind bars to kill Frank. The gang members sent to murder Frank also killed his friend Dan Smith and attempted to kill Steve. But Steve survived to testify against the triggerman and also helped to convict the Denver inmate who ordered the murder. This series is a must-listen! According to Mr. Curtis, who today is the vice president of American Right To Life, "These are the most in-depth interviews I have ever given on what happened that night, and what happened during the next four years through the court system."

* The Must-Read True Crime Story: Georgia author Lee Martin's new book, Ten Minutes Till Midnight, is required reading for those who want to influence the culture for good by understanding what turns so many human beings into murderers, and also, by understanding the brokenness of America's criminal justice system. An accomplished author, this latest of Lee Martin's books chronicles Steve Curtis' harrowing ordeal on the evening of June 6, 1989 in which his two friends, Frank Magnuson and Dan Smith, were murdered and Steve survived two attempts on his life, one inside and another outside of his own home.

* What Would Go Through Your Mind? If you were in the same room with your murderers for 25 minutes, what would you do? What would go through your mind? We all need to exercise our faith so that we are ready for whatever we encounter in life. It's true: better late than never, but a crisis is not the best time to grow in your relationship with God; the best time for that is right now!

* The Rest of the Story: You can listen also to Parts I, II, IV, & V of this stunning true-crime story! Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough and the survivor of the Bonnie Brae murders Steve Curtis both take it personally when anyone advocataes the intentional killing of an innocent person, let alone a child. As president and vice president, respectively, of American RTL their work displays the evidence of the firsthand lesson learned of trusting God and His Word in all things but especially in matters of life and death.

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