What's a Euro Pat Pot Liberal To Do

* The News from Europe, the Race from the Cure, Pot and Pat: Bob updates the audience:
- about yesterday's program on marijuana (see below)
- about "More Europe"
- about being protested at the Race for the Cure
- about the must-see Pro-life Profile of Pat Robertson
- about the Soviet Union pretending to pay people
- about pro-aborts pretending to harass BEL.

Neighbors and Gross Negligence: Biblically, gross negligence has legal consequences (Deut. 22:8; etc.). If the government tolerated gross negligence by, for example, allowing drunk driving, and someone is thereby injured, the governing officials (with all of America) would be guilty before God for the harm done. Thus God does not require society to put up with gross negligence. Therefore the government should ban recreational drugs and outlaw drunkenness from alcohol. (The federal government strong-armed the states to decriminalize drunkenness during the mid twentieth century so that today, unwisely, in the U.S., and in Australia and Britain, etc., it is no longer a crime to be drunk.)Bob on Drugs DVD

The guy claiming a right to shoot a gun in a city park because he's a good shot and hasn't (yet) hit anyone is rightly overruled. Examples of the predictable consequences of the grossly negligent behavior of getting high or drunk include:
- stoned drivers who actually think they drive better when smoking pot
- people who've smoked a joint who then end up driving a car after they thought they were home for the night
- stoners laughing about a cigarette falling behind the couch who end up killing a baby in the upstairs apartment
- pornography consumed even by many who may not otherwise have viewed it
- crimes and sexual immorality committed (like Ted Bundy who couldn't violate his conscience to murder unless he was intoxicated)
- the dollars spent on emergency room services, etc., for domestic violence and other victims hurt by stoners
- the cost of treating the user for injuries and illnesses resulting from drug abuse and alcoholism.

So when the normal use of any substance makes a person intoxicated, then the government correctly outlaws and classifies that drug as a controlled substance. Thus while THC and related medications should be available on a prescription basis from a pharmacy, pot use should not be normalized and the marijuana drug should be illegal.

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