RSR: Bees Think Faster than a Super Computer!

Honey bees solve least-distance problem faster than super computers* 2018 Update: Bees Think Faster than a Super Computer! And so does an amoeba! at the same task! :)

* Bees, Pollen, Brains and Sea Turtles: Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart report on stunning articles in the Creation magazine's Fall 2011 issue. Honey bees solve the Least-Distance "traveling salesman problem" far faster than supercomputers can, by determining effortlessly the least distance to travel while stopping at hundreds of flowers. From Don Johnson's Programming of Life book, "If the solution for 10 cities takes 10 seconds, a solution for 11 cities would take 110 seconds... for 15 cities would take over 1000 hours, and a 20-city solution would take 2,124 centuries..." Interestingly, bees would not have had to evolve this amazing ability to survive.

* 2013 Update: Ants use math to find the fastest route, according to the LiveScience report of a paper in the journal PLoS One (and they can predict earthquakes to boot)! But wait. :) There's more! Awfully good at the same thing... is mold! Don DeYoung's great article in the Spring 2013 issue of Answers magazine celebrates the high efficiency of this single-celled organism, aka slime mold, as reported in the journal Science.

* Rock from Allegedly One Billion Years Before Plants, Has Pollen: Over the decades evolutionists have discounted pollen in polymorphic Precambrian strata claiming that pollen fossils wouldn't survive the heat that changed the rock, but in 2007 a scientific paper described “remarkably preserved” fossil spores in rock in the French Alps that had undergone high-grade metamorphism.

* 2018 & 2019 Updates: Bees can understand the concept of zero, and they can count too!

* 125 Trillion Synapses in ONE BRAIN: Each human brain has 125 trillion synapses, and each has about a thousand switches! Thus a Stanford computer scientist recently said that each human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and internet connections on earth! And that we are only using a portion of our brain is evidence that it was not formed by any neo-Darwinist mechanisms, because natural selection can only work on features that give survival advantages, and it could not have over-engineered the human brain to give us enormous excess capacity (the kind of excess capacity that is evidenced through the accidental retrieval of latent function by savant syndrome, extraordinary capabilities which are apparently latent in all human beings).

Photo: Trudy Wilkerson

* RSR Exclusive: Darwinism is Backfiring! It turns out that Charles Darwin unwittingly pulled a fast one on atheists. He's been leading godless governments to spend billions of dollars exploring the glory of God's creation! Atheists would likely have refused to investigate the cosmos if they realized that they were demonstrating the designs, creative power, and brilliance of God Almighty. But because Darwin has misled them to assume that they are generating nothing but mountains of materialistic measurements, instead, they are filling the world's libraries with the evidence of God as Creator! As the Bible says, "since the creation of the world God's invisible attributes (His existence, eternity, and entity) are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse." Darwinism is backfiring.

* Sea Turtles Don't Just Navigate by Magnetic Field, THEY BLOW US AWAY: World-famous evolutionist J.B.S. Haldane in a 1949 debate titled, Is Evolution a Myth? replied on page 90 to Douglas Dewar, “There are, of course, difficulties in the theory of evolution. … I agree with you that some processes, such as the evolution of the mammalian ear bones, probably occurred by sudden leaps. … It is never, however, necessary to postulate a leap which would imply prevision by a designer. That is why one finds no example of various mechanisms, such as the wheel and magnet, which would be useless till fairly perfect.” Even monarch butterflies use magnetism to navigate from Canada to Mexico. But the sea turtles, now, that's a different story! Not only can they determine latitude, but longitude, which is the most extraordinary capability! And as Dr. Jonathan Sarfati points out, there are extraordinary wheels in ATP synthase and in bacterial flagellum for example. If Darwinism were a valid scientific theory, scientists should be able to explain how to falsify it; but it seems able to expand infinitely and to absorb virtually any fact, leading thinkers like David Berlinsky to question in Ben Stein's movie Expelled, whether Darwinism even qualifies as a valid scientific theory.

Bob says, "You've GOT TO SEE this science DVD!"Post-show update: Austrian economist and Darwinist Ludwig von Mises was not thinking about bee hives, but regardless, he correctly observed in Human Action, p. 188 that, "Any given social order was thought out and designed before it could be realized." Sociobiology and The Selfish Gene notwithstanding, survival and natural selection would work not for but against developing the altruism required by some bees to sacrifice their lives so that others might live. This is a societal construct that was "thought out and designed before it could be realized." See also

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