The BloodWorker Network

* Planned Parenthood Suppressed Videos Back Online: Tony Massey, webmaster for, explains that Planned Parenthood used their clout to get YouTube to remove videos exposing the businesses collaborating with abortionists. In a related story, Colorado RTL had set up a live feed on Saturdays from Denver's largest abortion clinic and Planned Parenthood also succeeded in getting that feed shut down. Bob Enyart has a computer background having worked for Microsoft and writen for PC Week and in his opinion Massey's savvy creation is fortified sufficiently such that Planned Parenthood will not be able to take this site down.

Bob Enyart's DVD: Raising Godly Children* Stericycle and Colorado Medical Waste: Massey has launched his effort targeting Stericycle and Colorado Medical Waste for their part in removing the blood evidence of slaughter of the children dismembered by the abortionist. Massey's videos present his efforts to dialogue with the collaborators themselves, including a truck driver for Iron Mountain, a multinational company that helps the nation's largest abortion chain manage their data. Massey's site launches today with 60 guilty entities and individuals identified for prayer and for peaceful and effective outreach.

Today's Resource: Bob presents Raising Godly Children, a 3-part video teaching series for parents on raising children to honor God.