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* See Below for Brannon Howse on David Barton & Glenn Beck: On today's radio broadcast, Bob Enyart and Brannon Howse discuss David Barton's error that tends to normalize cults in the mind of the church. See that below. But first, for the time being, we're "borrowing" this show summary page to use it also as a "landing page" for folks interested in any BEL programs and information about the cults.

* BEL Exposing the Cults: From time to time we'll update the following list:
- (our best radio program on Mormonism, etc.) 

In India's Rat Temple (literally) a child shares with dozens of rats milk from a vat* Related: See also...
- Bob debates a Roman Catholic
- Please email with any suggestion of another BEL program to list here. (After producing 7,500 programs for five days a week over 30 years, we sometimes loose track of what we've done. :)

* False (and some cultish) Teachings Widely Accepted in the Church:
- that all sins are equal
- that Christians should not judge
- that forgiveness should be automatic
- tolerance and even defense of homosexuality
- tolerance of nudity and sex in entertainment
- tolerance of Christians shacking up
- that God exists outside of time
- that God has no free will
- that, therefore, man has no free will
- that God cannot change
- that the future is settled
- that the big bang is true
- that God used evolution
- that Noah's flood was local
- that Adam never existed
- that God is nicer than He was in the Old Testament

* Cultic Teaching by James White and R.C. Sproul Jr. Denying that the Son has a Human Nature: In the immediate aftermath of White's high-profile debate with Bob Enyart on whether the future is settled or open, three startling public comments were made by R.C. Sproul Jr. and popular theologian Dr. James White insisting that God the Son does not have both a human and a divine nature.

* Weekly Worldview Host on Bob Enyart Live: Bob and Brannon Howse discuss David Barton's failure to distinguish between Christian and cultic, as when the popular author describes Mormon Glenn Beck as a Christian. Formerly, Barton led people to believe that Thomas Jefferson was a Chrsitian. Bob and Brannon briefly touch on a few of the Mormon heresies, including:

- Elevating the writings of men to the status of the Holy Bible
- The Book of Mormon's fundamental historical claim, which is
demonstrably false by history, archaeology, and now irrefragably falsified by genetic science, that American Indians are Jews
- Denigrating the Trinity by not openly rejecting the traditional LDS
teaching that God the Father was once a man (see this here at and at Time Mag & SFGate).

* Ann Coulter Too Wrongly Claims that Mormon Romney is Christian: In this great Ann Coulter Hang-ups YouTube video, Ann Coulter makes the same error that David Barton makes, and claims that unrepentant Mormon Mitt Romney is a Christian.


BEL's God's Criminal Justice System seminar

* Oh, and as for BEL Critics with Poor Vocabularies: Occasionally a critic of Bob Enyart Live will claim that Bob is a cult leader or that the church he pastors, Denver Bible Church is a cult. However, we have none of the marks of a cult and all of the hallmarks of a traditional Christian church. For example, see DBC's Statement of Faith at our church website. We are members in good standing of the Grace denomination that we belong to. And unlike cults, we affirm the deity of Christ and the completeness of the Scriptures as written by the prophets and the apostles, and we do not claim that our writings, fellowship, teachings, etc., are in any way necessary for anyone's salvation or right standing with God. We're just as pleased whether someone attends our church or any Bible-believing church, as long as they are thriving in the Lord. Of course we are happy to share the Gospel with unbelievers and to make our resources available to Christians seeking to strengthen their biblical worldview. Yet the only thing that anyone needs to learn about eternal life and about how to walk the walk is God's Word the Bible.

* Operation Rescue at the U.S. Senate: Operation Rescue members Ante and Cathy Pavkovic interrupted the first openly pagan prayer at the U.S. Senate. The resulting YouTube videos have gone viral, accumulating more than 500,000 views! While it is a challenge to raise your voice to be heard across a large room and especially, to (rightly) interrupt other goings-on, the Pavkovics spoke with passion and their sober words honored the Lord:

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