Ken and Jo Face to Face with FACE

 * A Federal Marshall Serves Ken Scott with a New Motion: Jo Scott joins Bob Enyart in studio to talk about the federal marshall who arrived at Planned Parenthood this morning to serve her husband Ken with a motion to restrain him from speaking to people from the public sidewalk at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Ken uses his God-given right to free speech (notice, this is NOT a first-amendment right, for this does not come from the government nor from the Constitution) from the public sidewalk at the abortion mill, standing at the driveway and handing out literature offering help to women who have scheduled to kill their children by abortion. The United States government has been using an FBI agent to apparently engage in months of undercover investigations to insure that Ken Scott cannot hand out leaflets and offer free services to the very few people who ever actually stop to receive that information just outside of the abortion mill. Last month, the Obama administration filed a civil lawsuit against Ken and Jo Scott for alleged violations of FACE, the pro-abortion Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, that is, for talking to people from a public sidewalk. If any of the dozens of fabricated accusations in the complaint were true, with the thousands of hours of video footage taken by Planned Parenthood, Ken and Jo would have been charged with crimes and would be in the Denver County Jail. Ken and Jo expose the guilt of those who advocate the dismembering of unborn children, angering pro-aborts, and for that reason they are hated and are an easy target for the wrath of those who shake their fist at God while they defend abortions including like the sterile description by the U.S. Supreme Court, that "a leg might be ripped off the fetus."

* "The Killing Place" Already Upheld as Free Speech
: Judge Claudia Jordan let stand a conviction based on Jo's free-speech comments warning that the abortionist murders unborn children. But pro-lifers have already won this issue in a case arising from their presence at Denver's Planned Parenthood abortion mill. From Celebrate Life, Sept/Oct 1993:

U.S. Appeals Court Judge Stephen Anderson recently reversed a 1991 federal district court decision when he ruled that the free-speech rights of two pro-life women had been violated by two Denver police officers who arrested the women during a January 1988 demonstration. The officers had asked Joan Cannon and Leila Jeanne Hill to cover their sign, which read: "The Killing Place." When the women refused, the officers arrested them on charges of disturbing the peace. Anderson ordered "the plaintiffs' cause remanded for further proceedings."

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