Occupy Wall Street's Right to Happiness

* Economics of Envy: Bob asks, as a general rule, who is more greatly harmed, the people taxed to pay for entitlements or the people who receive the welfare? And as Dr. Del Tackett asked the class in Focus on the Family's fabulous Truth Project DVD series, "Is it possible for the government to be guilty of theft?" And the answer is, of course.

* Iran Concerned for America re: Occupy Wall Street: Iran's Ayatoldya kindly worried for America's well being regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests, when their far bigger concern is that Obama may impose sanctions against exporting Korans to Tehran in retaliation for their elite military unit Quds Force trying to assassinate Saudi Arabia's American ambassador on U.S. soil. Bob observes that foreign nations including Israel and the U.S. have the right to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons because of their racist foreign policy position of seeking the destruction of Israel, and also, because they would otherwise become the first nation to begin producing nuclear weapons while being a signatory to the world's Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

* Hamas Doesn't Want a 2-State Solution: As the Palestinians have been offered and rejected a two-state solution in the past (even though their supporters often deny this), at the U.N. last month they explicitly stated that they do not seek a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet while the United Nations requires states to acknowledge their neighbors' borders, Hamas demanded U.N. recognition while rejecting itself to recognize the State of Israel.

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