Iowa's State Rep. Tom Shaw on BEL

* Military's Afghan "Kill Team" Would Be Daily Headline If... "As the host of Bob Enyart Live, I support our war in Afghanistan where the country's national and regional governments openly supported terrorism. However I feel the shame, along with all Americans, for the murders committed there by the Kill Team platoon that intentionally plotted to kill innocent civilians. The media's double standard of course hurts the side they intend for it to help. For when conservative Christians, and even those wrongly assumed to be conservative Christians, are held to a higher standard, we are blessed. And those held to the lower standard are harmed.(Like Bill Clinton whom liberals couldn't care less about supporter Juanita Broaddrick's credible accusation that Clinton raped her.) Caller Paul, from Colorado Springs, and Bob agreed that we should give the benefit of the doubt to our police officers and to our fighting men. But of course that does not mean that we would ever excuse any intentional killing of the innocent, including for sport, as with the Kill Team.

Iowa's pro-life Rep. Tom Shaw* Iowa's State Rep. Tom Shaw on BEL
: Representative Shaw writes that the, "SUPPOSEDLY “PRO-LIFE” “FETAL PAIN” BILL IS WORSE THAN ROE V. WADE" and that the Nat'l RTL fetal pain bill authors "admit in the language of the bill" that the fetus' life begins at fertilization, and "yet they allow this person to be killed."

* Correction: Bob referred to notorious late-term child killer LeRoy Harrison Carhart as George.  And while we're here, why not check out the George Tiller Memorial and the transcript of Bob's interview with Colorado's late-term child killer Warren Martin Hern at

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