RSR: Black holes, vision, & mammoths

* Super-massive Black Holes, Cloning Mammoths, & a Challenge in the Works for Dawkins: Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss super-massive structures in the universe including walls, bubbles and filaments made up of galaxies which could not be formed even in the 14 billion years that atheists claim the universe has been around.

* Bob Quotes Source for AronRa on Millions of Mammoths: In Bob's AronRa debate, the atheist doubted Bob's account that there is evidence of at least a million mammoths that were buried high in the northern hemisphere. So as promised: 

"Nikolai Vereshchagin, Chairman of the Russian Academy of Science’s Committee for the Study of Mammoths, estimated that more than half a million tons of mammoth tusks were buried along a 600-mile stretch of the Arctic coast. Because the typical tusk weighs 100 pounds, this implies that about 5 million mammoths lived in this small region." Walt Brown referencing John Massey Stewart, “Frozen Mammoths from Siberia Bring the Ice Ages to Vivid Life,” Smithsonian, 1977, p. 68 [recent 7-foot tusk find]

"There is an estimate of 150 million mammoth remains in Russia's Siberian permafrost, which covers a vast sparsely inhabited area." Retrieved from Wikipedia on 12-9-2011 referencing a 2009 New York Times article.

Bob Debates a Geophysicist & a MathematicianAnd while the guys also talk about current efforts to clone mammoths they mentioned where you can hear another Real Science Radio program that:

describes the roll of the Earth which explains why we find remains of millions of mammoths (and horses, rhinos, etc.) in the arctic circle where they could not live because while each animal requires many gallons of liquid water and more than a hundred pounds of vegetation per day, the arctic has frozen surface water and gets almost no sunlight through it's long winter, when its scant vegetation is then completely dormant. And of course, woolly mammoths had no wool. This RSR program also covers explains why the mammoths are buried in rock ice  and muck in the arctic circle with many creatures freezing suddenly in ice colder than 150 degrees below zero preservering some mammoths with temperate climate vegetation in their stomachs! And hear an amazing prediction from Walt Brown that beneath upright mammoths, there will be no layered strata, no oil, coal seams, nor limestone! Why not? Because these mammoths, frozen while still standing, were killed at the very beginning stages of the global flood and all those features are a result of that flood!

* Help RSR Create a Dawkins Color Vision Challenge: Following in the lines of our PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge (for which PZ honestly answered, "I don't know"), Bob and Fred are constructing a similar challenge but for Richard Dawkins and regarding a different aspect of the alleged evolution of vision. The guys are hoping to get an artist to volunteer to sketch their challenge, and also, they're eager to get comments and constructive criticism on the challenge itself.

* RSR's Vision Challenge:

A brain doesn't "see" an image but a symbolic code of that image

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