World Atlas Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader

* America's Big Glossy Times World Atlas: is unreliable. At least as far as it promotes political fads including global warming hype. How about that 2011 atlas claim that 15 percent of Greenland's ice has melted in the last 12 years? Reuters' article, World Atlas ice loss claim exaggerated, quotes four different and leading scientific authorities rejecting that claim. The scientists call it "both incorrect and misleading," because "a sizable portion of the area mapped as ice-free in the Atlas is clearly still ice-covered," and that "These new maps are ridiculously off base, way exaggerated, and that the claimed rate of ice melt, "could easily be 20 times too fast and might well be 50 times too fast."

* Nobel-Prize Winning Physcist Resigns APS Over Warming: A nobel-prize winning physicist, Dr. Ivar Giaever, resigned last week from the prestigious American Physical Society over his rejection of the global warming hype. Giaever agrees instead with the 31,000 U.S. scientists who've signed a petition that disputes the existence of a manmade global warming crisis.

* Atheists in California Need to Get Their Own Shtick: Holding a protest sign with an arrow pointing to a guy on the street, and tearing pages out of a Bible, are old hat. And when they assume that Jesus was being literal when he said to pluck out your eye...

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