Sesame Street Then and Still

* O'Brien's Big Bird 'Bama Bash Still Online: Bob gets a kick out of this old Sesame Street dubbing that turns Big Bird and the Basket Bunch against Barack:

* Bob Also Reminds Parents About Sesame Street's Anti-Family Propaganda: Really.

* Hear an Insider's Update on Personhood: Hear about a national pro-life group and a staffers who have never before Be encouraged! And get educated! And let's fight to win and stop the killing of children! And have you heard? At least 20 states are planning a petition drive to get a personhood amendment on their state ballot! Praise God! And PLEASE, choose one right now: either make a donation to Colorado RTL or make a donation to American RTL! These groups need your help and even your monthly support!

* Gordon from Littleton Highly Recommends: Bob Enyart's
- Mt. Moriah DVD on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and
- Open Theism seminar on DVD and
- Written Open Theism debate with D. James Kennedy's professor of NT; and
- Predestination and Free Will Bible seminar on DVD or MP3 downloadable or CD audio!
Thanks Gordon!

* Beverly from Ft. Collins: Graciously withheld sharing her home remedies! :) Also, she thanks Bob for his Nicer than God article and Bob reminds Beverly that he also has a Nicer than God Bible seminar for download and on MP3 CD!

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