Even the word Pharaoh is from the Bible

* Judging the Standard: Can an attorney prove that our system is good beyond a reasonable doubt?

* Craig from South Bend asks about Disaster Economics: Bob and Craig talk about the Christians who have been expecting a total economic collapse, for decades.

* Darrell from Lakewood Comments on the King Tut Exhibit: While the secular world denies the Bible's account of Egypt's extraordinary interaction with the Jews, Darrell points out that the Tut exhibit begins by stating that the very word "Pharaoh" is a Hebrew word from the books of Moses for the king of Egypt. See more at kgov.com/tut.

* Finally, a Comprehensive Listing: You're Invited to check out ARTL's March for Life Finder!

* Post-show Note: Bob posted this comment to Robin Marty for her article about fetal homicide legislation. FYI, Robin is one of the beautiful people, someone who advocates the right to rip the arms and legs off of an unborn child, a baby who is even old enough to suck her thumb and play with her toes. "Robin, personhood failed in Colorado in 2008 by a 3-to-1 margin, and in 2010 that gap was narrowed to a 2-to-1 margin, so you might want to correct where you wrote that it 'failed miserably in 2008, but that didn't stop the state from attempting it again in 2010 to even bigger losses.' See documentation for vote results at Sec'y of State's site or collected at http://coloradortl.org/amendment-62."

God's Criminal Justice SystemToday’s Resource: Have you browsed through the Department of Government in the KGOV Store? Check out especially our best-selling DVD on God and the Death Penalty titled The New Testament Support for Capital Punishment, and God's Criminal Justice System MP3 CD, instant download, or the GCJS printed syllabus!

* Craig Fisher Manuscript: 2012 Update. Bob Enyart has learned from Craig and his family a lot about the harmful influence of pagan philosophers on Christian theology. In late October 2012, Craig is coming to Colorado for the birth of his newest grandchild and to get input from Denver Bible Church members on his new manuscript on such influence. Our first meeting will discuss Homer. If you're interested in joining us, please email DenverBibleChurch@gmail.com. Thanks!

Also, we may post chapters of his manuscript on this page so that folks joining us can read them ahead of our get togethers!