Pro-lifers Opposing Romney Everywhere

* American RTL's Romney Criticism on MS-NBC, Huff Post, KGOV, DailyKos & New Republic:
- ARTL in Huffington Post opposing Romney
- ARTL in Daily Kos opposing Romney
- ARTL in The New Republic opposing Romney
- ARTL on MS-NBC opposing Romney
- And see

Excerpt on Enyart and American RTL taking Mitt Romney down, from a 2011 New Republic article

Morality: Why God Forbids Sexual Immorality

Today's Resource: Why does God forbid sexual immorality? You'll want the men in your life, husband, brother, teenage sons or grandsons, to watch this important DVD, Morality: Why God Forbids Sexual Immorality. This is Bob's most heart-rending video, telling the sad part of the story of his own life. Learn about the effects of pornography on children, and how porn can pervade a young life, in school, at camp, and sometimes even in little league. And then learn about victory, and how a man can overcome the devastation of sexual immorality.