The Joplin, Missouri Tornado was Not Judgment

Tornado destruction from Joplin, MO, May 2011* It was a Storm: Bob talks through the common claims by Christians that disasters, such as the tragic destruction from the Joplin tornado, are punishments from God. In the Bible, Jesus rebuked those who assumed that the 18 people killed by a tower that fell were killed in judgment by God.

* Flashback: * US Airways Plane Lands in Water
: Christians often confuse superstition with spiritual maturity. God does not crash cars and planes in order to show how loving He is by saving some of the passengers. God is not a Bible version of the pagan Zeus who hit people with lightning bolts, for if that were true, the evidence is that lightning rods have ruined that kind of divine aim... And if the rare successful water landing were a miracle, then the well-deserved praise of pilot Sully Sullenberger is misguided. When God physically intervened, like by parting of the Red Sea, restoring sight to the blind, and raising of Lazarus four days after death, even unbelievers acknowledged the miracles. Today, alleged miracles are claimed by true believers only... [Sad Update: Seven months later, a plane did fall straight into the Hudson: no survivors.]  God can do miracles, but the "miracles" flippantly claimed by so many discredit the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More...

* Miracles and Flat Tires: From Bob Enyart's article, Miracle Dynamics: Notice that Christians who pray for God to miraculously fix their cars only pray for repairs they cannot see with their eyes. If a car does not start, some believers will ask God to fix it rather than asking Him for wisdom in the situation. However, believers never ever pray for a repair of something visibly wrong with the car. For example, Christians never pray and ask God to supernaturally fix a flat tire. Why? If a knob is broken off or a windshield is busted out, Christians do not ask God to fix those things. Why? Because they know, deep within, even if they have a hard time admitting it, that God will not fix those things no matter how much faith they have. However, a mechanical problem that they cannot see presents a blind faith opportunity to deceive themselves. The uncertainty that goes with hidden problems leaves enough chance that the car just might start on the next attempt. For if the car just happens to start on the next try (in the same way that it has for countless atheists who are cursing God at the time), then the Christian can prop up his superstitious faith by telling himself that he saw a miracle. More...

* Enyart's Debate with D. James Kennedy's Professor: Bob Enyart had a ten-round moderated debate with Dr. Samuel Lamerson, a professor of the New Testament from D. James Kennedy's Knox Theological Seminary. In this debate Bob observed that, "the reason so many Christians so frequently contradict themselves is because their theology, which long ago sacrificed goodness for immutability, claims that both wickedness and goodness flow from the mind of God. That ultimate contradiction leads to a lifelong chain of contradictions, especially between what many Christians believe, and how they live their lives." More... (You can also order a printed copy of Bob's debate: Is the Future Settled or Open?)

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