The Death Penalty Could Have Saved Amanda Knox

alotta grief

* If Only Italy Would Have Had the Swift Death Penalty: If Italy had the swift death penalty, it is very possible that Meredith Kercher would be back in Britain right now (instead of being slain in a brutal murder), and that Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox might still be dating, or perhaps married, or parted, but regardless, they would likely never have been wrongly accused, and thrown in jail. And perhaps most significantly of all, the murderer himself may not have become a murderer. Now that's fundamental reform, reform of a broken criminal justice system, that is refreshing, enabling, and freeing. For as of now, it's no longer a justice system, now it's just a system.

* Janeane Garofalo: Racist Conservatives Vote for Herman Cain: From the You-can't-make-this-stuff-up file. Yeah, they're supporting a black man for president to cover up their racism. Very insightful Janeane.

* Roseanne Barr said, "The Poor Can Drop Dead Before I'd Give Them My Millions": Or something like that. Actually, she told BBC/Jeezera/Russia Today's Max Keiser that if a banker wanted to keep more than $100 million dollars of his wealth, he should be sent to a re-education camp, and if that didn't change his mind, then he should be beheaded (not Keiser, but the banker). But why then did Roseanne set the bar so high at $100 million? That's to keep a comfortable margin for her Hollywood millionaire friends, even though of course they could easily live on one or two million, and have the government confiscate the rest to help the poor.

* Post-Show Update: Check out The consequences of evolutionary racism by Josh Craddock, an advocate for family at the United Nations and a students of politics at The King's College in New York City about the board member and early supporters of Planned Parenthood who shared the same worldview used to justify reprehensible U.S. medical experiments on Guatemalans and African-Americans.

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