Xiu Mei Wei Deserves Asylum

* China May Imprison Mei: "I am in an impossible situation," says Xiu. "If they deport me to China, I have to take my children, because I am their mother and must care for them. But I cannot take them to China, because they will lose their freedom, and endure forced abortion of my grandchildren. This is an impossible situation." Xiu Mei Wei, pronounced Shu May Way, flew to America legally on a temporary tourist visa. Upon her arrival her fiancé told her he had found another woman. She then met her future husband with whom she now has four children, all U.S. citizens. But on a paperwork technicality, the federal 10th Circuit Court has ruled against Xiu. (See Bob Unruh's story on Wei at WorldNetDaily.com, Mom to 4 U.S. citizens ordered to forced sterilization.)

Please send a letter (you could use or modify the following example) to:

Attorney John Chang
401 Broadway
Suite 2001
New York, NY 10013

Dr. Mr. Chang,

I am writing to ask that we find a way to help Xiu Mei Wei avoid religious persecution in China. Our country cannot save everyone, but Xiu is already here and she is the caring mother of four U.S. citizens. If we deport her, she will likely face severe government sanctions in China merely for exercising her basic human rights of freedom of religion and the freedom to have children. Xiu might even be punished and possibly jailed due to speaking publicly to expose China's denial of freedom of religion and freedom of procreation. Please help Xiu Mei Wei stay in America.


Bob and Cheryl Enyart
PO Box 583
Arvada CO 80001

TWO 2008 FLASHBACKS: 1) BEL show on Wei, 10th Circuit Would Deport BEL Guest; 2) Pro-abortion Ilana Goldman on BEL:

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