BEL Listeners Coming Through

* Now that the Telethon is Over You Guys Just Keep Giving :) We ended at 52% of our goal, but you guys keep giving toward the BEL September telethon, and now we're at $16,000 (80%) of our goal of $20,000! THANK YOU!

* Back from Ohio, Bob Reviews the Last Week at BEL: Marty the pagan prays to the bees and trees. Meanwhile, back in the real world, it turns out that bees can solve the "least distance" traveling salesman problem for hundreds of flowers faster even than a super computer! [Post-show update: Austrian economist and Darwinist Ludwig von Mises was not thinking about bee hives, but regardless, he correctly observed in Human Action, p. 188 that, "Any given social order was thought out and designed before it could be realized." Sociobiology and The Selfish Gene notwithstanding, survival and natural selection would not work for, but against, developing the altruism required by some bees to sacrifice their lives so that others might live. This is a societal construct that was "thought out and designed before it could be realized."] Bob also was thrilled that while he was in Ohio his crew aired Alan Keyes' brilliant speech from the CRTL banquet (see it below), in which Alan expounded upon the necessary personhood strategy for the fight to protect the innocent child. With Bob Enyart, Tom Tancredo, Kevin Swanson, Leslie Hanks, and a couple hundred other pro-life activists in the audience, Dr. Keyes was preparing Colorado to launch Round 3 of their fight to recognize the personhood and God-given right to life of the unborn child!

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