God Gives Waiver to States

* UPCOMING - RSR Interviews Jonathan Witt on ID: Bob Enyart will interview Dr. Witt about Intelligent Design

* Another BEL Travel Tip: Study Arabic before traveling to Paris.

* Obama Killed Underwear Bomber's Boss: And the exact same lawyers who condemned Bush for usurping too much power in the war against terror now wrote the secret Awlaki kill memo defending assassination of this U.S. citizen. Well, at least people can be redeemed!

* After Bowing to the Mayor of Tampa, Japan Rejects Obama Apology Offer: Really. And really.

* Now That the Telethon is Over: We ended in at 52% of our goal, but you guys keep giving toward the BEL September telethon, and now we're at $16,600 (83%) of our goal of $20,000! THANK YOU! It's not too late to help out by calling us or at the KGOV Store!

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