Wine, Alcohol, and Scripture

* God Condemns Drunkenness While Approving of Drinking Alcohol: An evangelist, Chris Peltz, from a Denver Church of Christ hosts a talk show that airs one hour before Bob Enyart Live. On June 29, 2011, Brian from Thornton called into the Church of Christ pastor's program and presented three lines of evidence that Bible teaching generally and Jesus in particular approve of drinking alcohol, but that to excess, it is drunkenness that is a sin. At Denver Bible Church we agree with Brian that God's Word approves of drinking alcohol including wine, beer, and other liquor. Why? Well you can listen to today's program or read the same biblical material at in the article, What Does the Bible Say About Wine.

1st Timothy: Wine, Women, and Such...Today's Resource: Pastor Bob's verse-by-verse study of First Timothy is fascinating! Find out why the Apostle Paul writes to his beloved disciple Timothy about violent crime and gross sexual immorality. And glean fascinating truths from God’s qualifications for pastors and elders. For example, what does the Bible teach concerning the drinking of wine? Is it OK for a Christian to have beer and pizza (with pepperoni no less?) And what does the Bible really say about elders and pastors drinking alcohol? Also, learn why God prohibited a church from providing welfare support for a widow under sixty years of age. . You can hear this study by getting it on an MP3 CD through the mail or by instant MP3 download!