Personhood USA Questions Ron Paul's Commitment

* Paul Pledge Prevarication? Listen in to hear Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the latest news regarding Ron Paul's signature, and simultaneous contradiction of Personhood USA's Presidential Personhood Pledge. Doug points out some problems he's got with Paul, & Bob talks about why libertarianism is contradictory to Godliness. And Doug offers Genesis 1 in opposition to the libertarian idea that facts and knowledge are the only things necessary to make good decisions.

Bob Disses Li'l Wayne:  After hearing a story about Li'l Wayne visiting the Mall of America and the resulting mayhem and violence, Bob asks the obvious question on the minds of all loyal KGOV listeners: "Who's Li'l Wayne?"

Daniel 7-DVD Video Set

Today's ResourceMeet Daniel and his associates through this great BEL Bible study. You'll enjoy understanding this part of ancient Israel's history. Beginning almost exactly 600 years before Christ, the extraordinary events in Daniel's life brings the past and the future into focus, from the political affairs of ancient kingdoms to the first and second comings of the Messiah! And for our own age, Daniel shows how we should live boldly for the Lord both in our personal lives and as influencing government.
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